Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dude, It's Been Long Time

Wow, it's felt like a bazillion years since my last post in here!

Unfortunately the hardest part has been trying to find the time to write something down. Besides work, searching for presents (we have this unique medley of birthdays in our family that are separated by exactly 7 days! What are people in our family doing around new years?? Hmm...) and I've been preparing for the world-wind tour, so as you can tell I haven't had much time to do... much!

Today though I went back to the city and returned a pair of jeans that I had bought from the previous week (why is that when you try to shop for someone else you end up buying stuff for yourself??), and just like last week I decided to take my camera and take some more photos of the wildflowers that are beginning to bloom in Kings Park.

So at least amongst the craziness I've had time to stop and smell the flowers (roses?)!

I'm hoping in the week prior to my departure I'll be able to have the time to blog about some more interesting stuff.

I hope everyone else is healthy and if you're north of the equator I'm sorry but it's time to hand over summer now... I've had enough of the cold and the rain this winter (although I'm thankful for the rain as we do need the rain down here).


danish said...


Those flowers are seriously pretty!

And that picture with the sidewalk/walkway thingy is really nice.

Oh but anyways... hope all your craziness slows down so you have more time to admire all the scenery around you.

*hands summer to Ryan* and don't forget to enjoy this... I think we're done with it here.

Jen said...

Hey Ryan! Glad to see you are still alive and well.

Two words..Gift Cards.

It is the gift that keeps on giving. The birthday person can shop for whatever they want. The cards are rechargeable for later use...and it keeps you from having to walk hundreds of miles looking for that perfect gift for someone who usually has everything they could possibly want or need.

Unless your one of those people who has that sixth sense and can pick out the perfect gift for someone? If so may I send you a list of people I need to shop for? : )

I liked the photos..beautiful.