Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I'd first just like to thank everyone for their emails, comments, prayers and stuff throughout the last few weeks.

It's been quite a rollercoaster ride for all those involved.

As a quick update to my last post: the hospital ordeal went fine the surgery performed went well (albeit rather painful for the person involved), whereas the court ordeal didn't go too well.

Thankfully it's no prison sentence or anything to the "guilty" party, but there is a large bill to pay... hence the busy-ness. (I initially wrote business instead of busy-ness there, but it kinda seemed a little strange... business? He's in a prison sentencing business?? Ah, no.)

Apart from that we've had some really strange weather down here... it's actually been raining!? Really raining. I've almost wondered whether I should start building an ark or something!

"But isn't it winter down there?"

Yeah it is, but Perth hasn't been notiorious throughout the last decade for having too much rain in the winter, and its been raining non-stop for weeks (maybe it's tears from heaven for all those who miss reading my blog!! ROFL!!)

But last weekend we finally had some sunny weather and I was just bursting to get out and do something... so I went for a little hike through our John Forest National Park.

And I'm hoping that later tonight I'll be able to post something about my little adventure as there was an... err... umm... awkward moment to say the least.

I guess you'll have to wait and see.


But thanks again for everyone's emails, comments and prayers, I'm looking forward to catching up with all the stuff I've missed on your blogs throughout the past few weeks.


Likalia said...

Welcome back, missed ya!

Glad to hear everything worked out in the end. :)

Victoria said...

Glad to hear all is well, if a little rainy : )