Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pity Ryan's Rose Eh??

(No I haven't gone Canadian... it'll make sense later.)

Last week when I awoke prior to going to work I went for my usual morning shower and noticed something a little weird as I stood in front of the mirror half-naked: there were spots all over the trunk area of my body??? (that's my torso for those who may be getting confused... i.e. above the waist... ahem... ok, moving on...).

As I stood looking like a kids dot-to-dot puzzle I noticed that the rashes weren't itching, nor did they have any "heads" or fluid or other icky stuff underneath, because initially I thought, Uh-oh. Have I got chicken pox?

I thought that only because I never got them as a kid. I got the mumps... or was it the measles? I can't exactly remember, but I know it wasn't the pox, but what I do remember is turning to a friend of mine during class and asking him whether I had spots all over my back, after scratching my neck and noticing small spots down my chest.

The teacher, not impressed that a 6 year old was stripping in front of his friend and the whole class, quickly sent me to quarantine (sick bay) where I was told that I had chicken pox and that I wasn't to worry.

After being told my condition, which meant nothing to me, I asked the school nurse something stupid like, "Does this mean I get to skip to school?" or something along those lines. "When you get better you can come back," she replied.

Hmm, there had to be a way for me to stay sick, my little mind schemed.

Unfortunately whatever I did didn't work as I wasn't sick for too long, which was a shame... but I was able to "share" the luvin' around as my brother soon contracted it and he was lucky to be out for weeks (I think I tried to catch the virus back, but that didn't work either).

So anyway, as I stood there in front of the mirror surveying the extent of all these dots I decided to do a little research on just what they were: small dry pink spots that aren't even itchy and I have no other symptoms!?

Apparently the condition is Pityriasis Rosea a harmless non-contagious condition that lasts from anywhere between 6-8 weeks!

And there really isn't much I can do... although one site mentioned bathing in some sunlight for awhile, which has been a little difficult lately considering it's been raining so much over the last few weeks (I'm not complaining though - we need the rain).

Thankfully though, during lunch there was one small patch of pure sun that I was able to flash for (it was probably the strangest, funniest thing for an observer to see - seeing a bloke run out into the streets, tear his top off, and then moan and groan away while the sun bore down on his naked hairy chest... only to see him quickly pop his top back on as soon as a thick rain cloud passed).

Okay, I wasn't moaning and groaning, but it definitely felt good.


Oh well... six to eight weeks playing dot-to-dot on myself and semi-streaking when the sun comes out... hmm, sounds like fun!!

LOL ;o)


danish said...

Awww~ I'm sorry, Ryan. That's a bummer. At least they're not annoyingly itchy and whatnot. Though it's odd that there's no cream or something for it--'cause usually there's a cream or pill or something for everything. O_o

Maybe you could play connect the dots on yourself--then you can say you have ink on your back and take a picture of it! ;)

Ryan said...

D, I think I'm actually evolving into a leopard!!

I can't wait until my tail grows! How cool would that be? (Although I wish women would evolve tails - it'd make them super sexy!)