Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Little Stiff

I had some fun playing basketball yesterday.

Besides being a little stiff today from using those muscles that haven't been used in awhile, I feel great (thankfully I was provided with a full uniform so playing in the nutty wasn't an option!).

Unfortunately catching up with old friends and acquaintances proved to be a little more painful as most of those I caught up with had married within the last year or two, which led to ask...

"So, Ryan, are you married yet?"

"Not that I'm aware of."

Of course, I could be wrong, I thought, Maybe I had one of those pre-arranged marriages when I was born and Kate Beckinsale is my long lost wife or something!

So I quickly diverted conversation to another topic before I received a... "I know somebody's who single who you'll like... etc etc etc".

But another interesting thing that happened yesterday was another friend called who asked what I was doing for the day and when I told him that I was helping an old friend make up numbers for a basketball game he said he'd come down and watch us play.

Now he got there a little earlier and watched a few games prior to mine and saw Karina play.

Even though I had spoken of Karina to him he had never met her before, but knew who she was as he watched the girls play and had it confirmed when girls were yelling and screaming out her name during the game.

When we caught up later that evening I just had to ask: "So, what do you think of her?"

"She's got quite a nice body, man, and I even heard her laugh," he said eyebrows raised in surprise.

Sensing that he thought I was probably having him on about her silent laughing habits I quickly added (with a sincere honest look), "Dude, I swear she laughs with the mute button on."

But apparently she does actually laugh?? Maybe I just go deaf when a chic laughs?? Or maybe her laugh is one of those things that only dogs can pick up or something?? (Oop, didn't mean to offend you Willo... sorry)

Anyhoo, he quickly ended his physical survey of her by also adding that she had thick eyebrows! To be honest I'd never even noticed how "thick" her eyebrows were!?

So there you go, from a third party Karina has a hot body, nice smile, and thick eyebrows.

We move on.

1 comment:

danish said...

Hot body, nice smile, thick eyebrows???

Okay, how thick are we talking here? Like unibrow thick? Or like... she doesn't wax or shape them so they're normal?

Though I guess if you didn't notice, they can't be that bad. ^_^

And maybe she doesn't laugh around guys she likes... maybe she gets nervous or something? But even then... bahhh I dunno.

Eyebrows aside, glad you had fun playing basketball, with the uniform and everything :D