Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Hey, I've just realised that I've now been blogging for 2 years!!!

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary...

2 years, wow... with over 350 posts.

To think that back in 2005 when I began this little thing I never really expected it would last - especially considering that in the years previous to blogging I used to write down or draw stuff in a journal. So initially I thought that maybe this wouldn't last (I mean, you can't draw stuff in here!), but, to my surprise, and two years later I'm still blogging strong.

Okay, so what have been some of the more memorable/enjoyable posts throughout the last 12 months, I'll list my top 3...

NUMBER 3 - Isthmus Walk.

While not the most enjoyable experience over the last 12 months, it was definitely one that I'll never forget. I'd actually love to be able to do it again some time. I just need to make sure I bring more water!

NUMBER 2 - My brother's wedding.

Even though we thought the weather was going to be nasty it ended up turning out to be quite a beautiful day. Now that my brother has moved to the other side of the country I'm glad I was able to take some photos of the occasion.

NUMBER 1 - U2 Concert.

Yeah, I think it'd be pretty difficult to beat that night. It was totally awesome, one I will never forget. (Just a shame Melbourne had its frustrating moments.)

Anyhoo, they were my three favs, there are others that I remembered as I briefly flicked through the posts of last year, but these three were definitely the most memorable.

Hopefully this blog will continue to grow in it's 3rd year!

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary...


Likalia said...

Happy Anniversary!

It is an odd feeling looking back and realizing you've been doing something for longer than you thought. Especially things you never expected to last. :)

Congrats! Looking forward to more great posts in your third year.

Ryan said...

Thanks Likalia!

Yeah, I hope I keep going strong... I often wonder what would happen if I no longer became single though!!