Saturday, July 07, 2007

Another Statistic

It's sad when you hear of an old friend who has just recently separated from his wife.

I remember when this guy pursued the woman who was later to become his wife and the joy in his face when they soon married. He was always a good bloke (I unfortunately never really knew her).

So it was a shame to hear that both were going their separate ways, but after talking to the person who told me about it, I kinda saw why they did - both had lives that were worlds apart.

The only thing they really shared was the place they called home.

It reminded me of what my grandfather told me about the two main elements needed to have a successful marriage:
1. "You need to be building something together." (it's important that you share some common interests); and
2. "Finding joy in making your partner happy."

I don't think my old friend and his now separated wife ever built anything together. They were both very different individuals with very different careers and I don't think they had many similar interests.

(In fact, come to think of it, at some of the parties I've attended throughout even just the last year I never saw them together. It was either he was at the party and she wasn't, or she was at the party and he wasn't, but never together! Hmm, the separation was kind of evident months ago.)

I suppose the only positive out of the negative experience is that they never had kids, which I guess was somewhat of a surprise considering they had been married for 6 years. But thankfully no kids are involved.

Separation sucks.

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danish said...

Separation does indeed suck. But yeah, lucky there were no kids involved... I think it hurts the kids in the long run more than it does the parents. >_<;