Thursday, July 19, 2007

When It Rains It Pours

Oddly enough it hasn't rained much over the last week or so (although today saw our fair share of it).

Unfortunately though things have been a little hectic with certain family members either being admitted to hospital or facing court!

So yeah... things have been a little more stressful than normal lately to say the least.

Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to find some time to write some stuff, but at the moment it's kinda bedlam.

Hope all is well with everyone else.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Human Tetris

This had me cracked up all morning...


(It'll probably be even funnier for Dana... if she can understand what they're saying!)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Apricot Pieces

Aww, my little sister wuves me.

She bought me one of my favourite little treats... apricot and yoghurt pieces.

Very nice.

I hope she didn't want any.



A Little Stiff

I had some fun playing basketball yesterday.

Besides being a little stiff today from using those muscles that haven't been used in awhile, I feel great (thankfully I was provided with a full uniform so playing in the nutty wasn't an option!).

Unfortunately catching up with old friends and acquaintances proved to be a little more painful as most of those I caught up with had married within the last year or two, which led to ask...

"So, Ryan, are you married yet?"

"Not that I'm aware of."

Of course, I could be wrong, I thought, Maybe I had one of those pre-arranged marriages when I was born and Kate Beckinsale is my long lost wife or something!

So I quickly diverted conversation to another topic before I received a... "I know somebody's who single who you'll like... etc etc etc".

But another interesting thing that happened yesterday was another friend called who asked what I was doing for the day and when I told him that I was helping an old friend make up numbers for a basketball game he said he'd come down and watch us play.

Now he got there a little earlier and watched a few games prior to mine and saw Karina play.

Even though I had spoken of Karina to him he had never met her before, but knew who she was as he watched the girls play and had it confirmed when girls were yelling and screaming out her name during the game.

When we caught up later that evening I just had to ask: "So, what do you think of her?"

"She's got quite a nice body, man, and I even heard her laugh," he said eyebrows raised in surprise.

Sensing that he thought I was probably having him on about her silent laughing habits I quickly added (with a sincere honest look), "Dude, I swear she laughs with the mute button on."

But apparently she does actually laugh?? Maybe I just go deaf when a chic laughs?? Or maybe her laugh is one of those things that only dogs can pick up or something?? (Oop, didn't mean to offend you Willo... sorry)

Anyhoo, he quickly ended his physical survey of her by also adding that she had thick eyebrows! To be honest I'd never even noticed how "thick" her eyebrows were!?

So there you go, from a third party Karina has a hot body, nice smile, and thick eyebrows.

We move on.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Game Time

Just received a call from a friend that they need help finding a player to fill in for a basketball team today... and my name came up (they must be really desperate)!!


I haven't played in like a gazillion years!! I've almost forgotten the rules!!


(In fact, come to think of it, I don't think I've even got a pair of black shorts anymore!? I might have to go in the nutty!)


Happy Anniversary

Hey, I've just realised that I've now been blogging for 2 years!!!

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary...

2 years, wow... with over 350 posts.

To think that back in 2005 when I began this little thing I never really expected it would last - especially considering that in the years previous to blogging I used to write down or draw stuff in a journal. So initially I thought that maybe this wouldn't last (I mean, you can't draw stuff in here!), but, to my surprise, and two years later I'm still blogging strong.

Okay, so what have been some of the more memorable/enjoyable posts throughout the last 12 months, I'll list my top 3...

NUMBER 3 - Isthmus Walk.

While not the most enjoyable experience over the last 12 months, it was definitely one that I'll never forget. I'd actually love to be able to do it again some time. I just need to make sure I bring more water!

NUMBER 2 - My brother's wedding.

Even though we thought the weather was going to be nasty it ended up turning out to be quite a beautiful day. Now that my brother has moved to the other side of the country I'm glad I was able to take some photos of the occasion.

NUMBER 1 - U2 Concert.

Yeah, I think it'd be pretty difficult to beat that night. It was totally awesome, one I will never forget. (Just a shame Melbourne had its frustrating moments.)

Anyhoo, they were my three favs, there are others that I remembered as I briefly flicked through the posts of last year, but these three were definitely the most memorable.

Hopefully this blog will continue to grow in it's 3rd year!

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary...

Another Statistic

It's sad when you hear of an old friend who has just recently separated from his wife.

I remember when this guy pursued the woman who was later to become his wife and the joy in his face when they soon married. He was always a good bloke (I unfortunately never really knew her).

So it was a shame to hear that both were going their separate ways, but after talking to the person who told me about it, I kinda saw why they did - both had lives that were worlds apart.

The only thing they really shared was the place they called home.

It reminded me of what my grandfather told me about the two main elements needed to have a successful marriage:
1. "You need to be building something together." (it's important that you share some common interests); and
2. "Finding joy in making your partner happy."

I don't think my old friend and his now separated wife ever built anything together. They were both very different individuals with very different careers and I don't think they had many similar interests.

(In fact, come to think of it, at some of the parties I've attended throughout even just the last year I never saw them together. It was either he was at the party and she wasn't, or she was at the party and he wasn't, but never together! Hmm, the separation was kind of evident months ago.)

I suppose the only positive out of the negative experience is that they never had kids, which I guess was somewhat of a surprise considering they had been married for 6 years. But thankfully no kids are involved.

Separation sucks.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pity Ryan's Rose Eh??

(No I haven't gone Canadian... it'll make sense later.)

Last week when I awoke prior to going to work I went for my usual morning shower and noticed something a little weird as I stood in front of the mirror half-naked: there were spots all over the trunk area of my body??? (that's my torso for those who may be getting confused... i.e. above the waist... ahem... ok, moving on...).

As I stood looking like a kids dot-to-dot puzzle I noticed that the rashes weren't itching, nor did they have any "heads" or fluid or other icky stuff underneath, because initially I thought, Uh-oh. Have I got chicken pox?

I thought that only because I never got them as a kid. I got the mumps... or was it the measles? I can't exactly remember, but I know it wasn't the pox, but what I do remember is turning to a friend of mine during class and asking him whether I had spots all over my back, after scratching my neck and noticing small spots down my chest.

The teacher, not impressed that a 6 year old was stripping in front of his friend and the whole class, quickly sent me to quarantine (sick bay) where I was told that I had chicken pox and that I wasn't to worry.

After being told my condition, which meant nothing to me, I asked the school nurse something stupid like, "Does this mean I get to skip to school?" or something along those lines. "When you get better you can come back," she replied.

Hmm, there had to be a way for me to stay sick, my little mind schemed.

Unfortunately whatever I did didn't work as I wasn't sick for too long, which was a shame... but I was able to "share" the luvin' around as my brother soon contracted it and he was lucky to be out for weeks (I think I tried to catch the virus back, but that didn't work either).

So anyway, as I stood there in front of the mirror surveying the extent of all these dots I decided to do a little research on just what they were: small dry pink spots that aren't even itchy and I have no other symptoms!?

Apparently the condition is Pityriasis Rosea a harmless non-contagious condition that lasts from anywhere between 6-8 weeks!

And there really isn't much I can do... although one site mentioned bathing in some sunlight for awhile, which has been a little difficult lately considering it's been raining so much over the last few weeks (I'm not complaining though - we need the rain).

Thankfully though, during lunch there was one small patch of pure sun that I was able to flash for (it was probably the strangest, funniest thing for an observer to see - seeing a bloke run out into the streets, tear his top off, and then moan and groan away while the sun bore down on his naked hairy chest... only to see him quickly pop his top back on as soon as a thick rain cloud passed).

Okay, I wasn't moaning and groaning, but it definitely felt good.


Oh well... six to eight weeks playing dot-to-dot on myself and semi-streaking when the sun comes out... hmm, sounds like fun!!

LOL ;o)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Reflections By The Lawnmower Man

At work we have a lawnmower guy come and do our gardening. He's apparently been doing it for several years as well as other houses and businesses in the area.

After doing his job in the pouring rain today I handed him his $22.00 remarked at his great effort and in return he thank me and handed me a letter that he instructed to give to my father.

I couldn't help but take a peek at what it was about, and upon reading it I was touched by what it said and thought to share it...

Dear Customer,

Alan & Bambi are winding up their Lawnmowing business in order to start their new business. We have bought "Harbour Town Lotteries & News" in West Perth and commence on the 15th July.

We have endeavoured to generate interest from other lawnmowing services but to no avail. Therefore the lawnmowing ceases on the 30th June 2007.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers over the last 15 years. It provided us a lifestyle to watch our children grow up. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Alan & Bambi.

If I could write something like that after when my children have flown the nest then I'd be one happy father.

I found this letter and the discussion I had with Karina on Saturday night interesting as she talked about how she'd been promoted to a new role in her place of employment. Apparently she now runs an entire clinic! Unfortunately while the new opportunity is know no doubt going to be beneficial to her (not just financially but also because of the experience) the new position has found her with no life.

That which she enjoyed doing is now no longer enjoyable at all.

Is working a means to AN end, or a means TO end?

Anyway, thanks lawnmower man for cutting our grass... I wish you well with your new endeavours!