Saturday, June 02, 2007

"You're Not Allowed To Smile"

Last weekend I was frantically trying to find my passport. As I couldn't find it in my usual places I thought that maybe I had lost it forever. However, during my search I kept telling myself that I KNEW I had put it somewhere safe.

Real safe... 'cause now I couldn't find it!

Eventually though I found it - tucked away in a side pocket of a leather bound folder that was stored with my certificates... makes perfect logical sense! (?!?!)

I needed my passport as ID for completing an "Application for working with children" form which is compulsory for anyone working with kids under the age of 18 in W.A. - which has to do with me helping out with the youth at church.

After arriving early Monday morning at the Post Office the lady behind the counter took my papers and ushered me around the side to take my photo (apparently these "working with children" IDs needed to be accompanied with your photo).

When I walked around the corner I noticed a hot blonde chic having her passport photo taken. As I stood there looking on while the Post Office lady got the camera to work we both looked at each other and smiled. It was obvious she had dolled herself up for the photo shoot... hence the hotness.

The lady behind had now readied her camera, and after noticing our little smile together she said,
"As this is your passport photo you're not allowed to smile."

Unfortunately my smile grew and the blonde chic tried her best at NOT smiling, but with me beaming in the background it was a little difficult... so I turned away. It reminded me of the days when my brother got a smack for doing something wrong, for some strange reason I'd either smile or laugh. Laughing never helped because the wooden spoon would soon find its mark on my backside... and then I wouldn't be laughing at all... and the occassions when someone would angrily tell me to NOT laugh, but all I could do was continue laughing!! (Is it just me??)

Anyhoo, when the blonde had finished she took my spot and I took hers on the chair. I was trying to quash my smile as I readied myself for the photo shoot, but I was having some difficulty.

Noticing that I was trying my best to get serious the lady behind the camera said,
"You're allowed to smile in this photo."


And then I began to just stop smiling.



danish said...

Hehe... I would've enjoyed making the girl laugh too, but I tend to be a bit mischievous like that. ;)

And lovely pics, by the way. I especially like the pirate one, where your hair sticks out of your hat. Very classy. But I dunno, that first one's pretty good too...bah, I can't decide >_<

Hey what's the blank space for? Do you need another fun pic to put in there? >:3

Ryan said...

The 3rd photo was cut out by the Post Office lady who then attached it to my application... I think it was the photo where I looked like a clown!