Friday, June 29, 2007

Speshul K - The Return?


Not content with the slap I gave her last time Karina has asked us whether I'm available tomorrow for a chat.

Girl are you serious?

Maybe she is. Maybe she wants to slap me back?? Or perhaps finish the remainder of her purging? (You're probably thinking "Huh?" allow me to explain...)

One thing I haven't mentioned in here was that a couple of weeks after Easter she sent me a small message saying something to the effect of: "Hope all is well and that you had a good Easter." I replied with a message telling her about my little cycling accident and ended with a polite "Hope you had a good Easter at Coral Bay" (I knew through our previous meetings that she had planned to go with friends up north to Coral Bay during Easter).

Sure enough she soon responded and said that her Easter was good, but, and I quote here, "a tad cathartic".

HUH???? "Cathartic"??? You had a purging of the bowels?? Aah. that's. nice. to. know.

I didn't respond to that. And it was the last I heard from her, until today.

I've got no idea why she persists. I know my mind's already made up and if she just wants to catch up as "friends" then I can handle that, but I tend to think that either one of two things will happen: 1) she will try to change my opinion about her (maybe I should expect some forced laughter) or 2) she'd like to defend herself.

As I believe Karina has a bit of an ego problem (as you would if you're hot, got a top job where people look up to you for advice and have sooo many hot athletic guys chasing after you) I'd probably guess that she'll lay on a bit of charm... with possibly the start of the conversation being about our last encounter.

Girl, I'll give you credit for your athletic body and your Christianity, but leaving your laugh on mute and not being able to laugh at yourself unfortunately fails to ignite any chemistry.

Maybe the lesson I've got to learn is that you just can't have it all!?


danish said...

Ehhhhhh.... hmmm. Maybe she's trying to redeem herself? I can kinda see that. But if she seriously just wants to rehash what happened the last time, then that's just... no. Wow. That'd be bad.

But you know what? Just for the heck of it, I looked up 'cathartic' and got this: (adjective) providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis (crying is a cathartic release).

So... uh... maybe she meant that her Easter was really... uh... emotional??

Hopefully it will just be a catching up as friends. I'll be praying for you though :D No worries!

Ryan said...

Yeah I had to look up the definition too. I went to and they said...

1. of or pertaining to catharsis.
2. Also, ca·thar·ti·cal. evacuating the bowels; purgative. –noun
3. a purgative.


I'll explain more in a post about how it all went.