Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Poo

I couldn't believe it when I saw it on TV during dinner tonight.

I was in shock, but then again... I was in shock that I was in shock! I mean, should I have really been that surprised??

I saw an article on TV about infamous Australian tennis "star" Mark Philippoussis in a reality TV dating show similar in style to "The Bachelor".

I shook my head in disbelief.

If the "Poo" didn't stoop to all time low with his constant whinging and complaining about his lack of tennis success, or that he dumped singing sensation and Australian sweet-heart Delta Goodrum because of some fling with Paris Hilton then he's definitely down it now.

I had to laugh out loud when the NBC show started the series by setting up the "Poo" with women aged 40 and over (the look on his face was priceless!), and oh how I wished that that was the entire show, but alas 20-something aged chics soon came on board.

(For those who don't know Mark has really only dated women MUCH younger than himself)

If I could say something to all the American ladies who get evicted on the show (if it's done Bachelor style): getting evicted was the best thing that could've happened to you! He really isn't worth it.

To the "lucky" woman who "wins" the Poo: I hope you know how to clean a toilet... you may find yourself flushing the Poo sooner than you think.

To the Poo: you're an idiot.


Likalia said...


OMG - that is hilarious - just watched the short video preview of that. You are right he looks like he is going to throw up when they say how old they are, especialy the 46 yr old.

But Come on! Those are some attractive older women, can *I* look that hot at 40 please?

danish said...

I have to agree with Likalia that those older women are very attractive! I'd love to look like them at their ages.

Maybe it would be a cooler show if they didn't have him on it. :(

Ryan said...

I agree, the show would've been interesting if it hadn't of been him.

Mature 40-somethings vs Bratty 20-somethings