Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Let's Fly Away, Let's Fly, Let's Fly..."

I've finally booked the remaining part of my trip - London and New York!!


Okay, here's how my itinerary looks (as I was doing this I wondered to myself: how much flying time will I be doing? So I added the flying times as I went along):

Sunday 23 September 21:35 Leave Perth
Monday 24 September 02:35 Arrive Singapore
Flying Time: 5hrs 15mins

Monday 24 September 06:40 Leave Singapore
Monday 24 September 10:20 Arrive Hong Kong
Flying Time: 3hrs 40mins

Wednesday 26 September 00:50 Leave Hong Kong
Wednesday 26 September 06:40 Arrive London/Gatwick
Flying Time: 12hrs 50mins

Friday 5 October 10:30 Leave London/Gatwick
Friday 5 October 13:20 Arrive Newark
Flying Time: 7hrs 50mins

Monday 8 October 18:50 Leave Newark
Monday 8 October 06:55 London/Gatwick
Flying Time: 7hrs 5mins

Thursday 11 October 20:40 Leave London/Gatwick
Friday 12 October 15:30 Arrive Hong Kong
Flying Time: 11hrs 50mins

Friday 12 October 20:15 Leave Hong Kong
Friday 12 October 23:50 Arrive Singapore
Flying Time: 3hrs 35mins

Saturday 13 October 15:50 Leave Singapore
Saturday 13 October 21:05 Arrive Perth
Flying Time: 5hrs 15 mins

That makes a total of 57 hours and 20 minutes on a plane! Oh how I wish that was all first class.

Note to self: by some super-duper jet lag pills.

More later.

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