Saturday, June 30, 2007

Just Friends

It's tough to really say much about what happened last night with Karina.

In summary it was just two friends catching up over dinner.

Near the end of the night a slight reference was made to our last meeting, but it was more of a remark than a "please explain".

So yeah, it was... just... normal.

There was one instance where she cracked up laughing. What initiated it was another trip she was thinking on doing...

K: I'm thinking of going to South Africa and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
ME: [I began chuckling to myself - first it was Bolivia, then it was Yemen, now it's South Africa!? What next? Mars?]
K: [noticing the chuckle] What??
ME: [laughing at my own thoughts] You couldn't just be a normal tourist by going to South Africa and just looking at Kili? You're just like a bloke! [I then looked to my right and acted as though I was in a large tour group who were travelling past Mt Kili. After taking a few photos I turned to the fictitious tour guide and said...] "Can you please hold my camera and bag. I'm going to climb this sucker. Back in an hour."

I then started laughing, and oddly enough she joined in!

But yeah, I kinda felt as though she was trying to ignite some smouldering embers. But I'm not going to analyse anything because obviously I was totally wrong before.


Anyhoo, I'm just taking the night at face value (i.e. two people catching up) and that's all I'm ever going to do with any outings we may have again in the future (if any).

If she ever grabs me, gropes me, or even tries to kiss me again then that's it - I'm outta there. If she starts stalking me I'm going to up and flee to the only place she wont go: the States (Karina admitted that she never really liked it there - something about Americans handing out business cards all the time that annoyed her!?)...

Or Mars!


danish said...


She's definitely an interesting girl, what with her ambitious plans and all. But hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess. =)

But wait, what's this with Americans giving out tons of business cards?? O_o Can't say I've seen that happen. Unless maybe she went to some kinda convention? Or maybe all the American guys were just hitting on her?


Ryan said...

Yeah, I had to laugh because it seems every time we meet there's some new adventure she's planning.

Re: business cards... yeah apparently she was given a heap of business cards which ticked her off because she was on holidays trying to enjoy her stay only to find people handing her cards all the time!?

So she's warned me about it with my visit in a few months... maybe I should buy a business card folder!?

But then again you could be right... maybe guys were just trying to hit on her???