Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm Done

I know it hasn't officially been a week in winter yet, but I'm done.

I've had enough of the cold already.

Yes I'm a wimp when temperatures get below 10 degrees.

So if everyone on the northern hemisphere could please jump up and down so that the Earth tips upside down allowing me to enjoy summer again that would be great.

Don't make me stamp my feet and hold my breath until you do!


Likalia said...

If it makes you feel better it is only 10°C here this morning and POURING rain - of course this is the West Coast it ALWAYS rains (which I kind of like).

Although if the cold is bugging you so much perhaps you should go on holiday somewhere very warm.

And do stop holding your breath already - blue is not your color. ;)

Ryan said...

Thanks Likalia!

Being Canadian and all you'd be an expert on knowing how to keep warm during the winter, right? So do you have any tips?


danish said...

Awww. I keep forgetting that you guys have seasons, too--for some reason, I have it stuck in my head that Australia's seasons consist of spring, summer, summer, and spring. ;) (I have no idea where I got this crazy notion from)

You can have the warm back. I'm about done with it now. I'll get right to jumping up and down on the ground for you. ;)

Oh and to stay warm--I say use a lot of blankets. And maybe some hot chocolate. The Canadian folks might have better suggestions though. =)

Likalia said...

lol - right Canadian - I live in an igloo with my sled dogs? ;)

To be fair here on the West Coast even in the depths of Winter it doesn't get very cold. We don't drop below zero all that often.

In those extreme cases of zero degrees we like to curl up with a hot beverage (some with company too), a good book or movie, and a really comfy blanket. :)

Ryan said...

Dana: if I had my way I'd have summer, autumn, summer, autumn all year round. I'm allergic to the cold.

Likalia: Aren't you an Eskimo? ;-p lol

Thanks for the tips!