Sunday, June 17, 2007

Around The World

At the beginning of the year Dan was excited about a trip he was planning on doing to London. He asked whether I was interested and initially I wasn't and responded with a flat "No".

A couple of months passed and he cemented his trip by paying for his flights. Again he asked if I wanted to go, but I made up some lame excuse about how hard it would be to get time off work.

Fast forward to Thursday night and again Dan talked a little more about his trip. After he talked a little about the places he was going to travel to in the UK he asked when he had finished, yet again...

"So, do you want to come?"

"I don't think I'll be able to afford it," I replied (again).

Dan then added that I wouldn't need to pay for accommodation and car hire as we were going to be staying at some of his family's place, which made me feel even more awkward about going as I hate to intrude on already established plans.

"Nah it wont be a problem at all. They'll definitely have room for you, and we're only staying a night or two at each of my family's place anyway."

I still wasn't satisfied so I asked how much his flights cost, knowing that I definitely wouldn't be able to afford it.

"Well I paid around $2,000."

"Huh?? That's one way right?"

"Nah! That's return."

"You're telling me a trip to London via Singapore and Hong Kong is only $2,000 return??"

"Ah no, I forgot to tell you..."

Aha! I knew there was something wrong.

"That price also includes a 3 day return trip to New York!"

*klunk* (that was me falling off my chair)

I was still a little skeptical though, so on Friday I surfed to the websites Dan bought his tickets from and found that prices were indeed around $2,000!! Wow.

"So are you coming?" Dan asked again... via email.

Well I've always wanted to go to London. I remember when I was young my father returned from a business trip there and told us about the museums... I was in awe. Since then I've always wanted to go and check out the British Museum (getting in touch with my inner geek)... and I was happy to know that this was something Dan was going to do on his trip!

It was the perfect opportunity.

And then there's New York!!! Wow. I don't think we'll have enough time during our 3 days to even pinch the city, yet we'll give it a bash!

"Yeah I'm going," I said.

Okay... to do list this week: get paid and buy flight tickets.

Wow... London... New York!!

(I just need to make sure I don't ask for directions in NY... don't want to end up in jail, right D? lol)


Likalia said...

This is me totally jealous! :) Sounds like you guys will have a ton of fun too.

danish said...

omg you're coming to NY?!

*happy squeal*

That's awesome!!!! You're gonna have a blast. I just know it. And there is sooooooo much to see, man. :D

But do be careful! I think you'll be okay though. Just be sure to only ask for directions from cops. ;)

I'm going back soon, too--it would be absolutely freaky if we're going at the same time @_@

Fizzy said...


Jealous. Jealous. Very jealous.

When are you going?


Ryan said...

Likalia: ;o)

Dana: I know, I'm not even going to be able to even pinch the pinch of each of these cities we're going to! But at least it gives me a taste in case I wish to return.

Fiona: I'll know more by the end of this week, but it'll be around late September and into early October.