Thursday, May 24, 2007

You Know You've Been Busy When...

You know you've been busy when...

  • You haven't shaved in over two weeks - although, I must admit, I kinda like the rugged look. ;op

  • You've got more emails in the "Draft" folder than spam in "Junk".

  • Days are divided into only two periods: asleep and awake (with "asleep" sometimes happening during the SUB-period called "work").

  • Friends and family call just to make sure you're still breathing.

  • And you receive your personal mobile phone bill for the month and it's for $0.00!!

Back soon... I hope.

Oh... you ALSO know you've been busy when you just post one paragraph on your blog! lol


Jen said...

WOW... I knew being a stuntman was demanding...But I had no idea it was so hectic and required so much of your time.

How ever do you find time to put out forest fires and save the widows and orphans?

OK seriously Ryan..what do you do? Email it to me..Im curious alright lol
: P

Ryan said...

Unfortunately swimming across the Atlantic can take its toll on us stuntmen Jen.


danish said...

Yeah, being busy can kinda take its toll on you. Or, at least, take up a lot of your time. Don't forget to relax, and update your blog a lot! ;)

Oh and I could totally see you as a stuntman. Definitely. I remember you going into the ocean to wash your wounds or something from a past post--you've got to be a stuntman to handle that!

Likalia said...

I'm not sure if bullets count as a paragraph. It is more like a list and 3 sentences. ;)

Fizzy said...

I did wonder where you'd gotten to actually.

Everyone's been a bigt quiet in blog land lately. Myself included.

Must be catchy.

Jen said...

OK Ryan, I see how it is...but you realize that you are just throwing fuel on the fire for me to figure out the puzzle.

Besides how hard of a swim could it have been??..YOU did Google it for directions before you left right???