Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Can You See What Eye See?

As a colourblind person numbers 0-6 are all the same colour, and 10-16 too.

There's no way all the numbers are different colours, except the end 3 on both rows.

And yes I can still go through red lights... because they look green to me!



Jen said...

Are stuntmen allowed to be color blind? Also how do you know for sure youve been riding on yellow things all this time? LOL

Victoria said...


Jen said...

I have to tell you after thinking about this I cant even imagine what its like to see the colors you do.

At first I was thinking this would be torture to not be able to see colors the way they are. But then I realised that color is probably a realative thing. If its the way you have always seen things then to you its normal.

And since you cant see the color that others see you have no point of referenece to base any feeling of loss over. You cant miss what you have never seen? Is that about right?

Ryan said...

The craziest thing I ever experienced was doing that ink-blot tests that have numbers in them.

There was one ink-blot where I clearly saw a number that nobody else could see. It wasn't until the teacher checked the manual that it was confirmed - only colourblind people could see it.

See, I have extrasensory vision.

But yeah, I can't see the difference between shades of certain colours. As an example if red and brown are together I may not be able to distinguish the difference between them. Obviously if a red and yellow are together I can distinguish the difference, it's just "like" shades of colours that are difficult to perceive the difference.