Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What Love Is This?

I travelled to my grandfather's place today in hope that I might catch up with him after he underwent surgery yesterday.

Now before I continue with the story let me add that my grandfather has been widowed 12 years and throughout those years has allowed people to board at his place. He's had quite a mix of boarders too, ranging from a couple of cute backpacking Canadians (Becky & Suzie), to an elderly couple (Gene & Lionel), to some crazy Serbian guy (can't even remember his name - he didn't stay long), to a sweet old lady who's husband kicked her out (Shirley), to a Chinese student (Xiao aka "Wendy"), and probably a couple more that came and went quickly.

I suppose it has helped him get by in his lonely existence especially in such a large house as this.

Anyhoo, a couple of weeks when I was last here he talked about how there was a new person who was boarding here as Xiao had gone back to China for a few months to visit her friends and family. Apparently this new boarder, an elderly lady named Maureen, had similarly received the same treatment Shirley did with Maureen's husband giving her the flick.

It wasn't until today that I think I understood why.

After parking my car in the front driveway I knocked on the door and nobody answered. I then did what I normally do in such situations and go through the side gate and enter from the rear laundry door. Upon finding the laundry door unlocked I made sure everyone knew that I was here...

"Knock knock," I said, but not really bellowing it out just in case my grandfather was getting some sleep in recovery of yesterday's surgery.

I walked down the hall a little and sensing someone else in the house repeated, "Knock knock" hoping not to scare anyone.

"Hello?" said a feminine voice.

"Hello," I returned not knowing exactly where the voice was coming from, "is Bill here?"

"No, he's not," she replied.

After identifying who I was Maureen came out from her room.

"Oh, you're his grandson."

"Yes. I am."

We continued talking a little about Bill's surgery, but as I busied myself searching through some of my grandfather's mail (seeing if anything was addressed to me). It wasn't until the conversation took a strange turn about why Rita was staying here and that she was "ugly" that I looked up from what I was doing and saw her for the first time.

Unfortunately her face had marred by what looked like some sort of burn, her neck and half of her lower face was beetroot red.

After leaving the house and going her merry way for the day I stopped for a little and thought about what my grandfather had said about this woman's history and what I saw.

Now I don't want to jump to any conclusions but I'd be willing to bet that the reason why her husband left her was because of her physical appearance. Which is a shame really because she was actually very nice and polite.

Now I don't doubt that there needs to be some physical attraction between a man and a woman, but wouldn't this be detrimental to the relationship if this was the only (or primary) attraction? Because what if something did happen to the other party where their physical appearance was marred and beyond recovery by plastic surgery? What would the relationship have left?

I also began to wonder on whether it would be more difficult for the husband or for the wife if either party had their physical appearance marred? I ask this because we all know that men are more aroused by sight than women, whereas women are more aroused by how they feel (and that's just putting it simply!) than men.

In any case I just hope that I never get that superficial if anything like that were to happen to my wife. I don't doubt that it would be difficult, but then what love is this if we're only attracted physically?

Is it really love?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Apparently Size Does Matter

According to a new study on the size of your fingers determines whether you're better at math than vocab stuff.

An except reads:
Kids with longer ring fingers compared to index fingers are likely to have higher math scores than literacy or verbal scores on the college entrance exam, while children with the reverse finger-length ratio are likely to have higher reading and writing, or verbal, scores versus math scores.

I decided to measure the size of my... umm... phalanges and found that both my wedding finger and index finger were the same size.

Unfortunately they didn't talk about this in their study, but I think they would come to the conclusion that if both your wedding finger and index finger were the same length you are perfect.

Why else would they be the exact same length?

So... how... umm... big is yours?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

At World's End

At World's End, or at wit's end?

I couldn't understand what the frig was going on with the third instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and I'm glad I wasn't alone - Chris and Dan were the same.

If you haven't seen it yet, and are going to, don't try to understand what's going on, just enjoy the laughs and action.

Notice Me?

Last night I went out with a couple of friends after having isolated myself from the world over the last couple of weeks due to work commitments.

Anyway, after making a few phone calls (so much for repeating last month's phone bill performance for $0.00 - although, I'm seriously NOT complaining!) I was able to orchestrate the where, the what, the who, the when and the how of last night.

Unfortunately everyone's "how" of getting to the "where" at the "when" was different. It wasn't until one of the "who" arrived and messaged with a simple "Here" as I was driving up the freeway caught in traffic that there was likely going to be a problem: Dan and Chris had never met.

I began thinking up of a plan should the other "who" arrive before I...

CHRIS (WHO #2): Where are you dude? I'm here.
ME: I'm caught in traffic, should be there in 10. Dan's already got a table, I'll let him know you're here.
CHRIS: Okay.
[End's conversation. I call Dan.]
DAN: Hello?
ME: Dan, it's me. Chris has arrived. I told him to look out for someone who's waving his arms around his head like a helicopter. So start flailing your arms.
DAN: What??
ME: I can't hear you flailing. Maybe start making a helicopter noise too.

Alas, I didn't need to resort to such tactics - I ended up arriving next anyway.

Oh well.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

You Know You've Been Busy When...

You know you've been busy when...

  • You haven't shaved in over two weeks - although, I must admit, I kinda like the rugged look. ;op

  • You've got more emails in the "Draft" folder than spam in "Junk".

  • Days are divided into only two periods: asleep and awake (with "asleep" sometimes happening during the SUB-period called "work").

  • Friends and family call just to make sure you're still breathing.

  • And you receive your personal mobile phone bill for the month and it's for $0.00!!

Back soon... I hope.

Oh... you ALSO know you've been busy when you just post one paragraph on your blog! lol

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Can You See What Eye See?

As a colourblind person numbers 0-6 are all the same colour, and 10-16 too.

There's no way all the numbers are different colours, except the end 3 on both rows.

And yes I can still go through red lights... because they look green to me!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Brother's Week

Mother's day was slightly different today... it definitely wasn't the same as the other 29 I'd been used to!

The reason for the difference started on Friday night with my brother and his wife celebrating their combined birthday celebrations over dinner with my parents.

"We have some news," my brother's wife began.

Immediately mum sensed the tone and manner in which she spoke those 4 words to soon spill the words "I'm pregnant" and the expression on mum's face quickly made my brother's wife quash those concerns.

"Oh no, I'm not pregnant," she said and didn't blink before continuing with, "Adam's been offered a job."

"That's fantastic!" mum and dad commended, but before they could finish she added - " Queensland."


When mum told me the news later that night she was in tears. It was a mixture of happiness of a new chapter being turned, yet also one of sadness - a sense of loss.

It was only last Sunday that we were all happily celebrating my brother's 27th birthday, and now, less than a week later, we were now celebrating their move onward and upward in the world.

So mother's day celebrations today were definitely different. It felt like more of a goodbye party, with gifts given to all mothers present.

Don't get me wrong I think it's great that my brother and his wife are moving on in the world. In fact, truth be known, everyone kind of knew that they were going to move to the other side of Australia before they had kids - I guess no one knew it would happen within a year of being married, but it's probably for the best.

I wish them all the best.

My lil bro is all grown up.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Spidey 3 & Michelle

Saw Spiderman 3 last night with some of the boys from church and there was a scene in the movie that reminded me of a time back in my high school days...

It was my friend Simon's 14th birthday. He decided to celebrate it with a small handful of friends at his place over the weekend. We were all having a good time and enjoyed the plethora of junk food that Simon's folks had prepared for us.

However, it wasn't until the latter part of the afternoon when we all soaked up the warm summer sun where things began to turn a little awkward. From out of nowhere Simon asked what we all thought about one of the chic's in our class.

"So what do you think of Gabrielle?" he asks.

Some of the guys felt a little uneasy with this line of questioning and I didn't know whether it was due to the fact that he was asking this in BROAD daylight, or the fact that we were all in a pool half-naked!

"Umm, yeah she's nice," said Ross shyly.

"What about Adele?" said Simon continuing on.

"Nah," said Henrik, "she's too short."

Others nodded.

"What about Salome?"

"Yeah, she's nice, but isn't Jono dating her," said Marcel.

Simon continued on going through pretty much all the girls in our year. Eventually everyone warmed up to the continuous questioning and eventually Simon had an entire who's who of all the girls in our year... except for one.

He missed out on mentioning one chic in our year: the cute little red-head Michelle.

It wasn't until everyone had quietened down from teasing the other about dating this girl or that girl in our year that Simon then asked the final question:

"What do you think of Michelle?" he asked, softer than normal.

"O yeah, she's hot," said one. Another agreed. Followed by another, and another, and another... before you knew it everyone was agreeing. As everyone was voicing their approval, Simon quietly added,

"Yeah and I'm going to ask her out."

Everyone suddenly stopped.

"What?" asked Ross.

"I was thinking of asking her out... you know... maybe go out to a movie or something."

All of us were stunned, and I think this had a lot to do with the fact that all of us had a crush on Michelle.

How dare he! rang everyone's thoughts.

But you know what?

Simon was the only one of us who actually had the balls to approach her because I knew I could never do it. And all of us had had ample opportunity to ask Michelle out yet never one of us did.

"Go for it dude," I said breaking the silence.

"Simon, you haven't got a chance," said Ben laughing away, others joined in thinking that maybe Simon was making some sort of a joke.

Cake came to Simon's rescue and we all sang a belated happy birthday.

Unfortunately though, Ben was right. The following week Simon decided to take the bull by the horns, take my advice and approach Michelle.

Details were sketchy on what actually transpired, I think Michelle laughed and then when she realised that he wasn't joking apologised and declined. Simon was devastated for weeks - Michelle lost a heart, and interestingly none of the other boys (that were at Simon's party) ever asked her out throughout the remainder of high school.

I think we all knew we were waaaay out of her league - even the alpha male in our year only lasted a couple of weeks! She was kryptonite!

Anyway, I guess when you turn 14 you feel invincible: some around hot girls, others on fast moving yellow objects!

So why did that particular memory pop into my head while watching Spidey 3? Well, it had to do with the bit where both Peter Parker and his friend Harry Osborn discover that they both had a crush on the red-haired Mary Jane. See, I'm not that crazy... there was a logical link.