Sunday, April 29, 2007

Then It Was The Yellow Skateboard...

5 years after my yellow BMX bike, on my 14th birthday my parents bought for me a skateboard.

Keeping in tradition with the theme of "yellow" they bought a yellow skateboard (I suppose they thought yellow was the only thing my colourblind eyes could see... bar black and white! Or maybe the fact that I love lemon cheesecake?? I dunno).

But anyhoo, I was once again the top dog in the hood - skateboarding up and down the place (mainly down, considering every time I tried to do a tricky curb-ride manoeuvre I'd end up on my ass!).

It wasn't long before the kids on the street set a hill riding challenge:
"See if you can travel all the way to the bottom of the hill without stopping," said Fletch.

Sounded easy... but it sure was as scarey as hell!

See, at least with my yellow BMX bike I could use what was commonly known as "the brakes" (even though they weren't commonly used!) with my yellow skateboard THERE WERE NO BRAKES!

But, being one to never let a physical challenge pass me by I decided to see if I could do it.

This time though I decided to start from the bend (not the very very top of the hill - as turning on the skateboard proved to be quite difficult at high speeds - I hadn't quite learned the lean yet).

So, starting up at the top of the bend I placed one foot on the board and pushed off down the hill with the other.

Initially getting my balance proved to be a little tricky (was that my legs shaking??), but once my feet settled I began roaring down the hill.

It wasn't until I had hit the spot I came off several years ago (I wonder if the blood was still there?) that I finally began to realise something...

Err, dude, how are you going to stop?

I hadn't really thought about that... and yet I lived on a cul-de-sac street! All I wanted to do was prove that I could make it down the hill standing up on my skateboard... and I sure was proving that NOW, but would I be able to survive to tell the tale??

Well I think I'm going to have to just jump off... I think that's the only option I've got left.

I continued to travel at a break-neck speed and the super-duper new fangle-dangle NASA patented and installed ball-bearings on this skateboard were clearly working well (maybe too well)...

Okay, that sounds good dude, but, uh... where exactly will we be disembarking?

My eyes began darting around at the bottom of the street, I only had moments left...

Okay, there's a lamp post, and... there's a lamp post... and...

I couldn't focus on anything but the lamp post... heck, I had barely learnt how to turn on the board anyway and this was exactly what I was roaring towards!


By the time the skateboard had slammed into the curb at the bottom of the street I was already travelling through the air like Superman.

I ended up flying by the lamp post by a whisker and screamed head on into the prickle bush immediately behind it.


It proved to be my first and last acupunctural session and I was lucky to come out fairly unscathed - just a few scratches, prickles in odd places, and a few bruises.

Now you'd think the yellow theme would continue through to the next 5 years seeing my parents purchase a new flash yellow car on my 19th birthday, right?

Well, no... this never happened.

I guess they saw a trend emerging in my younger years and didn't want it to continue!



danish said...

@_@; Good lord, Ryan, you're lucky to be alive! O_O

You didn't get a yellow car? Awwww. It was probably for the better that way, but I'll give you one that you can't crash. ;)

/----/[]        []  \-----|
      O             O    

Actually, you know what? That didn't work out so well. At all. I think I already crashed it for you. Sowwy.

Ryan said...

Hey thanks D!

It looks like a cab.


Jen said...

Did it ever occur to you...and I do hesitate to mention this...But yellow might not be the safest color for you??

I suppose you could also look at it from the point of view you survived all your yellow covered

Ryan said...

Yes good point Jen.

Thank God I'm not a life-guard, eh?


Jen said...

LOL Yes Ryan it is.

Jen said...

Under occupation on your profile...Could you be a stuntman? You do have the prior experience working for you. Just curious.

Ryan said...

Ah, damn. Someone's finally figured out my prefession.

Now there's no purpose for me to blog anymore... I may as well go and jump off a building.

(Oh, wait a minute that's what I do for a living?)