Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spartan Women

Saw the flick 300 tonight and I must say my Y-chromosome was satiated, but then again Braveheart is one of my favourite movies and 300 is of the same genre.

I actually remember our history teacher in high school talking about the "Battle of Thermopylae", which the movie 300 is about (Hollywood style), and how these Spartan men were up against insurmountable odds with the Persian army.

What I remembered most about the story recited by our history teacher was when the Persian army taunted the Spartans by telling them that the sheer quantity of arrows hurled at them were going to hide the sun. The Spartans responded something to the effect of, "So much the better, we fight in the shade."

Wow, I thought, what blokes!

The teacher then told us that the Spartans put up a gallant effort even though they were defeated, in fact, Xerxes was so impressed by their effort that he didn't go and ransack their village.

After seeing the movie I think Xerxes was more scared than paying honour to the dead: he was probably scared of facing the Spartan women!

(I especially liked that comment the Spartan king's wife made to the Persian messenger when the Persian messenger felt insulted that he was being talked to by a woman - her quip at his disgust, "...only Spartan women give birth to real men!" Nice. I wonder if there's any Spartan women left?) ;o)

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