Saturday, April 07, 2007

Have A Nice Trip?

Okay, I'm going to be frank and let you all there's some images at the end of this message that may disturb some people - there's a photo of me (which is disturbing enough!), but with some nasty scratches. So if you're a little squeamish you might want to skip this post.

What happened??

Well I decided to go for a ride yesterday - it was beautiful weather and I just couldn't stay indoors. I trekked out and began my 30km Burns Beach for the umpteenth time.

The ride started quite well, there were many people out and about and even some chiccies on their bikes too! Hello!

It wasn't until I hit the Ocean Reef Boat Harbour that sweat began to drip onto my sunglasses and impaired some of my vision.

Okay, stop here and wipe your face and sunnies, I thought to myself, Nah, do it after this hill.

A slight hill was approaching and I gathered some momentum that would help propel me up it, so I powered up the hill.

After reaching the top of the hill my sunglasses now had more sweat pouring from my brow.

Okay, stop here and wipe your sunnies.

A car was now behind me and as the road was narrow it slowed down giving me way.

Oop, better speed up then.

So I sped up and went in front of the car that was behind me. But now I was on a slight decline and my sunnies were now making it very difficult to see.

Okay we'll definitely stop at the next park bench.

With my right hand I quickly pulled them off and decided to wrap them around my neck, but then as I was doing this I turned around a slight bend and saw something bound towards me: a big black dog off it's lead!

My left hand was still gripping the handle bars and when I saw the dog I started to brake... but I was going waaay too fast so my left hand gripped the brakes tighter a little too tight and the next minute I found myself flying through the air over the handle bars toward the big black dog.

When I eventually stopped the dog barked for joy - "Do that again!" it bounced.

"Mate are you alright?" followed the owner of the dog wide-eyed at my acrobatic display.

I gingerly picked myself up the bitumen path and immediately my palms began to bleed.

The dog owner came over and asked again, "Mate are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine," I smiled but pain was coming from everywhere: my knees were bleeding, and my elbows soon joined in too.

"Would you like me to pour some of your water on your hands?" he asked.

"Yeah that'd be great," I said opening my bloodied hands out.

He poured some water on them and more pain shot through my arms.

"Thanks," I said rubbing my hands together.

"Are you okay?" he asked again.

"Yeah," I nodded smiling again, it used to happen to me all the time when I was a kid on my yellow BMX bike!

I went and picked up my bike and the guy again asked, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, thanks."

Dude I'm fine!

Was there something that I wasn't seeing?

The dog owner moved on and I went to a nearby bench with my bike. I was going to have to clean up. The nearest bench was at the top of a small hill so I left the bike at the bottom of the hill and sat down on the bench. It was then that I started to feel a little light-headed. I took my helmet off and placed it on the bench.

Next minute I know I'm on the floor!

How the heck did I end up on the floor?

I gingerly picked myself up and sat back on the bench. But things were now starting to get a little weird: my pupils were dilating! It was as if an atomic bomb was slowly detinating itself in front of me. Everything was going white!!

What is going on??

I then started breathing heavily and after slouching on the bench next minute I know I'm telling myself to get up!?

Get up?

Why get up? Get up from what? And why don't I feel any pain anymore??


I awoke again but this time had a mouthful of sand!!

What the heck??

I looked back down the hill and saw some quickly scatter into the bushes... who was that? Whoever it was I think they were going for my bike, so I walked back down the hill and took my bike up to the bench I was sitting on.

That bump must have been quite a knock!

Down the other side of the hill was a small beach, so I decided to go and clean up in the water.

The cool salty water was actually quite refreshing, and it allowed me to clean up my now bloodstained t-shirt. To try and stem the blood from my elbows and knees I decided to use my socks! I thought that if I was going to have to ride back I didn't want people freaking out over someone riding with blood all over themselves! Heck, my elbows, knees, hands and face were enough to scare anyone away anyway!

I cleaned up for about an hour before I got back on my bike and took the painful 10km ride back home (thankfully the fall didn't happen another 5km further - at the furtherest point from home).

It wasn't until I eventually arrived back home that I saw how bad things really looked...

(Stuff getting cleaned up and bandaged... just take photos! Crazy.)

Taking the shower and getting cleaned up was hell, but watching "The Passion" on TV put all my pain in check - my grazes didn't seem that bad really.

Unfortunately doing simple tasks has proven to be quite difficult with both palms grazed. Heck, even walking is painful enough... and typing all this has been done with one hand (and thank God for touchpad mice)!

It'll be interesting tomorrow at the Easter family lunch when everyone sees the damage. I've got to think of something bad like... "I was hit by a car" or "I got into a fight with the Easter bunny... if you think I look bad you should've seen the bunny!"

Anyway, if anyone asks next week if I had a good Easter holiday I'll just tell them I had quite a trip!


FJ said...


I've done a similar thing twice before, once as a little kid getting dinked on the handle bars by my Uncle and once as a teenager I was being a smart alec and rode down the side wall of a quarry that was alot steeper than I first thought.

No major damage there, but the first time I got concussion for my trouble and the second time I bent the handle bars on my bike. That was fun trying to explain to my Dad. LOL

Hope they don't take too long too heal, mate.


Ryan said...

Thanks FJ.

It used to happen a lot when I was a kid as I lived on a cul-de-sac that had a slight hill and we used to always see who could create the largest skid-mark on the road.

Needless to say there were times where I'd gather enough speed to break the sound barrier and when I broke hard to create the skid-mark I'd go straight over the handlebars!

And those were the days before it was compulsory to wear helmets!! I'm surprised I'm still alive today and didn't create any serious damage.

BTW - did I mention how painful it was taking a shower?? Aiya!

FJ said...

Oh, I can only imagine how painful your shower was. I'm actually really amazed that you could handle the sea water. All that salt and open wounds, mate, I'd be crying if that was me.

hehehe long skid marks were fun, and I used to do the same thing until they started introducing hand brakes to kids bikes, but I had to stop because a) it never worked so well and b) I used to squeeze the wrong one.

Many a time have I come a gutser because I've squeezed the front brake and not the back one. Ouch. LOL

I've also had the dubious pleasure? of flying over the handle bars another time also, when I was riding with my family a few years ago.

Where we went was a bit of a "wilderness" area and Mum said "ooh look at the rabbits" and of course I did, and of course she stopped right in front of me and of course I went A over T over the handle bars.

My Dad and sister following along behind thought it was hilarious. Sods.

I was not amused, but aaaaaaah, it was fun being a kid.

Likalia said...

I think the only thing to say is Ouch.

danish said...

Wha-ho, Ryan, you really did some damage to yourself there. Thank God you're okay--you could've very well cracked your head wide open! O_O;

Not only that, but as FJ mentioned, your going into the salt water as you were bleeding is nothing short of amazing. @_@; I would have definitely cried. A lot.

Anyways, hope you heal up fast =) and be careful out there~!