Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Cryptic Vivid Dream?

I don't often remember my dreams - I know I have them, but by the time I'm fully awake I've more or less forgotten it.

Except when I awoke this morning... I remembered pretty much everything about the dream I had that night.

So what was it about?

It started in what I thought was my house, or at least I knew in my dream for it to be my house, but it wasn't my house that I'm currently living in now (dreams can be soooo complicated when trying to explain them, huh?).

Anyway, a chic I had once known at university came over. I remember sitting on a large bed when she delivered me this strange blue envelope that contained three different letters: one red, one white and one brown map.

I read the white letter which had emblazoned on the top of the page "Level 1" it also had some rectangular decorations on the top that looked like bows, or chocolate bars, or something weird like that. And as I read the letter I understood the letter to be from the university chic (I can't remember her name - we only met a few times and I'll explain our short history later) and it was about how she would like for us to take our relationship to the next level!

I wasn't particularly happy about it so I got up off of my bed and made my way to the toilet to think it over.

(When I was young I used to always freak out about going to the toilet in my dreams because I knew I'd wake up in the morning swimming in my own... ah, pee... and I could remember mum always going nuts at how I shouldn't drink 10 glasses of water before going to bed. Thankfully that all stopped when I hit puberty... which was last year! ROFL)

Yep, so anyway, there I was on the toilet looking out through this huge glass window wondering... "Why on earth do I have a toilet in this large friggin room where all my neighbours can see me doing my... ah, business!?"

Next thing I know I'm reading the brown map and travelling to this chic's favourite destination in the whole wide world: Carnavorn! Now for those who are West Aussies you'll probably have a good chuckle over that, but for those that aren't allow me to quickly explain that Carnavorn doesn't have much. It's a small country town some 16-18 hours drive north of Perth and is only notorious for it's banana plantations and that's about it.

So, as we travelled together up north, we stopped off at this strange place I had never seen before and I wandered alone into the bush. She followed me and eventually found me in this weird looking parking lot. She was silent when she found me, but I had a feeling she wanted an answer to her letter, so I just kept walking.

Next thing I know I'm at a party where I know some of the people, but not all (kinda reminds me of Karina's house warming party).

And that was it. Next thing I know it's 6:30am and my alarm's buzzing.

I can probably understand the whole dream being about the whole Karina scenario, as I know Karina wanted to travel to the Yemen (and that didn't thrill me at all - Carnavorn = Yemen?), but I wonder why the university chic starred in it??

See, the university chic in this dream I had met in a computing class in my first year. We sat next to each other on the first day and chatted about the course, then on the next week we sat apart but still waved each other a hello. The third time we met she sat next to me and after class we went and talked some more.

During our conversation she began talking about God or some other spiritual things, and I began talking about the bible with her. It was after about 10 minutes of me speaking about it that I paused to see her reaction, and she said,
"Ryan, I'll believe whatever you want me to me believe."

I think I blushed and quickly changed topic before we eventually left to go to our other classes. That ended up being the last I ever saw of her - she never returned to computing class again.

So I found it weird that... 1) I remembered this chic, and (2) that she's in my dreams starring as Karina?


I just hope that I don't have any more strange dreams like this - I don't mind them if I can't recall them though!

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