Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"You Can Leave Your Hat On..."

So there I was drying off after frolicking in the Indian Ocean, and as I grabbed my stuff to leave I put my hat on and didn't bother putting on my t-shirt.

Now I'm not one to show off my sexy hairy chest, but hey it was dark I was hot and I just couldn't have been bothered putting my t-shirt on.

When I jumped into my car I wrapped the towel around my waist and when I sat down in the driver's seat I thought, Bugger it, I'm only going to drive a couple of minutes down the road before I'm home so there's no point in point my shirt on.

As I drove to an intersection a silver hatchback drove up alongside and what would you know a car full of teenage chics high on some song that sounded like Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!

One of the chics in the car looked around, saw me as she bopped along to the song, smiled, wooed, and then prodded her friend sitting next to her to look. Her friend turned her head saw me then whistled.

When both looked to see if they had my attention I looked at them, returned a smile, and in the 5 seconds we had left I quickly pointed to my hat and said with a big grin...

"This is all I've got on!"


The light then flashed green and I quickly sped away... the chics, now in the rear view mirror were cracking up... and so was I.

(And thankfully they didn't stalk me back home!)


Now where was that Tom Jones song??


danish said...

Woooow. That's amazing, Ryan. I bet the stories of your antics spread from those girls to the rest of Australia!

You have quite the sense of humor. =)

lol, "bugger it"... that sounds funny (in a good way, not a weird way). :D

Ryan said...

Bugger is a contraversial word down here... especially when ads on TV use it!