Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Women & Waves

The last couple of days in Perth have been a tad hot. Temperatures have hit 42C (108F) both days and Carnarvorn set a record for the hottest March day in Australia's history with 48C (118F)!!

And you all know that it means just one thing... BEACH!!

Both today and yesterday I hit the beach and I got a little reflective as I waited for the next perfect wave and that thought was...

Choosing a woman is like choosing a wave.

Here are the similarities...

1. You need to pick the right sized wave: you don't want a woman that's too small (i.e. young), you need a mature wave.

2. You want to catch a wave with the best curves. ;op

3. You want a wave that you can go the distance with.

4. And if you don't treat her right you'll likely get dumped!

Yep... women and waves the likeness is uncanny!


danish said...

Thanks for putting the Fahrenheit temps on there too, Ryan. Very helpful for us non-metricized types. ;) Though I kinda wish America would just get metric-ized already.

You know, the wave analogy is not half bad at all, sir. I applaud and agree.

*runs off and tries to think of a good analogy for guys*

Victoria said...

Also? Sometimes it's not the first wave in the set that's the best ; )

Guys are like... um...