Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Summer Please Don't Go

Summer please don't go.

Those in the northern hemisphere wont appreciate you as much as I do.

I mean, Likalia and Victoria live in Canada and we all know Canadians never have summers - just warm winters where it doesn't snow!

Dana told me that she loves the cold and wishes it were even colder!

Jen lives no where near a beach.

And Mandy lives in the desert where every season is a summer!

So, as you can see dear Summer, the rest just wont appreciate you as much as I do... so why not stay here with me a little while longer.



danish said...

I'm sorry, Ryan, but... it's time. You've had Summer long enough.

*snatches Summer away from him and runs*

Likalia said...

Hey, that's not fair Victoria and I live on the West Coast, we get Winter AND Spring (or is that Spring and Colder Spring? I'm not sure).

Summer...well this global warming thing seems to be making our Springs a little hotter (Ok we haven't hit over 40°C (104°F) for a stretch yet, but we try - Canadians are nothing if not persistent).

You can keep Summer a while longer though, if Danish returns it, and you let us all visit. ;)

Victoria said...

We have Cold Spring and Spring and Warm Spring and then a few HOT DAYS and then we settle into Nice until Fall, which is Rainy Spring!

: )