Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Now The Church Is Doing It

This Saturday our church has organised a big sunset picnic at one of the local parks in the area.

After the service last Sunday one of the blokes who I cycle with on Saturday mornings asked if I was going to the picnic.

"Yeah sure, I'll be there," I said knowing what our church's outings are like with the enormity of food available. Heck, even if it were a Tupperware party I'd still go - and you think I'm joking don't you? I'm serious, you have no idea how many good cooks there are at our church and you've got to make sure you save some room for dessert!! I'm even drooling right now!

"Oh good," he said pausing a little after glancing over his shoulder making sure his wife wasn't around, "there's some chics I'd like you to meet."


Don't tell me the church is now trying to set me up!!!

"Hallelujah we got Ryan hitched!"

Although, I'll quickly add that the bloke I cycle with has a history of practical jokes so I think he's either pulling my leg, or thinking that by dangling a woman in front of me I'll come along... if only he knew how I felt about the food.

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danish said...

Well look at it this way--if you have all these people throwing women your way, one of them has to work out, right? Statistically speaking, your chances of finding someone are exponentially greater now. ;)