Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Sister's Similar Scenario

Interestingly when I told my sister about what happened on Saturday night she mentioned that she too had a guy say something similar to her when they went out on a first date a couple of years ago.

"Really?" I asked, "what happened?"

"He said something like 'My first impressions of you were that you were a distant, cold woman'" she said bringing a smile to her face no doubt recollecting the scene in her mind, "...and I just laughed."

I joined in her laughter and when we had calmed down she spoke in a serious tone and added, "I think you dented Karina's ego big time. I think she's so used to having guys flock to her it was a shock for ANY guy to reject her, let alone tell her what she's really like."

I guess if Karina had of laughed, as my sister did with that bloke, that would've made things a little different, and no doubt more enjoyable (as well as allowing me to be honest to her about everything), but I guess when you've only laughed twice laughing's probably a difficult thing to do!

Anyway, unless something major happens regarding Karina I won't be mentioning her in here again.

I know I've moved on.

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danish said...

Huh! That is kinda weird. But funny, nonetheless. I'm glad that your sister was able to laugh off the rejection (unlike miss Karina).

Speaking of the rejection--that must have been terribly difficult for you, but I'm glad that you did what you had to do. That took some serious guts there. For whatever it counts for, I think you did the right thing. =)

But getting back to your sister, on a somewhat related tangent--it's awesome that you can talk to your sister about relationships and the like. I can't do that with my brother, so it's nice to see. :D