Thursday, March 08, 2007

Found Joy

On Sunday night at my brother's house warming party someone told me an interesting piece of info about Joy. Being bored the day after (on the public holiday) I decided to get in touch with my ol' investigative self and did some searching to see whether I'd pull anything up.

And to my surprise I was shocked in finding an actual photo of her!

Here she is...

She's the blonde... and, yep, the first thought that ran through my head when the photo finished loading was "Not another blonde haired blue eyed chic!"



danish said...

So that's Miss Joy, eh?

She's pretty!

Not that looks can tell you too much these days, but she doesn't look like the evil/alien/devil type. I think you're safe.

Though the lights in the background kinda look like they could be in a spaceship...


Catlin said...

hey don't you think she'll retalliate if she sees you puttin' her pic on the net like that? Be afraid, man, be very afraid;-)

Ryan said...

Dana: looks can be deceiving though... she could still be evil.


Catlin: I got the pic off of the internet, so all I'm merely doing is copying it. ;o)

And me... afraid of a woman??

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