Monday, March 05, 2007

Can The Real Karina Please Stand Up

Saturday's lunch with Karina went well. Although it was relatively short (went fir about an hour) and the time spent was not an indication of how well the occasion went.

(The main reason for the shortness was due to her preparations for the triathalon the next morning.)

This time though I noticed another laugh, and then it was never seen of again.

(Next time I hear it, I'm going to give her a compliment on how nice her laugh is and hopefully that'll be a hint.)

Probably the strangest thing about the whole time was that she was completely different, but a good different (although still a little nervous). She wasn't so abrupt, nor intense... she was actually "softer".

It was quite refreshing and it left me wondering whether that was the same Karina I had known since December, or maybe I was eating out with an identical twin (in fact, I went shopping with my sister last week as we had to buy our brother and his wife a gift for his house warming party and I saw this chic that looked exactly like Karina! I couldn't believe it... I had to stare as this lady walked past just to make sure it wasn't Karina - but the similarities were uncanny!).

So was there a spark? Any chemistry yet?

No and no... not yet. If she let her laugh out I would say that there may very well have been something, but she doesn't let it out near enough as she should.

At my brother's house warming party tonight several family and friends enquired about how it was all going with Karina and I and I voiced some concerns that I still had and also the lack of chemistry between us.

The friend who had set us up said I was getting waaaay too analytical about the whole situation...

"Listen dude," he said, "you haven't been with a woman for quite some time and you're being quite ANAL-ytical about the situation when you shouldn't be."

Point duly noted.

"But dude, I'm not going to get further involved if I don't feel there's any chemistry."

"Well there wasn't any chemistry between Ally and I until we pashed," he said referring to his wife.

"Yeah, but who wouldn't feel chemistry with someone who gives you a passionate kiss?"

I dunno. Maybe I am too ANAL-ytical. :o)

But I do know that there will come a time where I'll have to make a choice on whether the friendship we have can be anything more and to do that I'll have to ANAL-yse what my heart is saying.

Lastly, Karina sent text messages to all her friends a couple of days ago about a house warming party she's having in a few weeks.

"Coming, Ryan?" asked Ally at my brother's house warming tonight.

I looked at my phone, saw a blank inbox and said, "I haven't even got an invite??"

Weird... but I promise I wont analyse why.



danish said...

Maybe she really DOES have a laugh-a-fficiency of some sort?

'cause I mean, I understand her nervousness, but it's been a little while. I'd imagine that would have faded by now.

Or not. I don't know anything. Maybe we're both over-anal-ysing? ;)

Though it is kinda weird that you didn't get an invite to her house warming thing...hmmmm... maybe she sent one of those letter pigeons to you and it got caught up in a thermal somewhere and got delayed? Or smacked into someone's window? Went to the wrong Ryan? O_o

mandy said...

ok...maybe she's a little worried you will shoot her down? I think the statute of limitations on nervousness is about to end though. Ask her out for a DINNER date. Seems like that is always more of an official way to say I like you, we need to hang. We'll see.

Ryan said...

Dana: I'll keep on the lookout for any dead pigeons between my place and her place!

Mandy: do you think going on an official date will make her even more nervous though?

mandy said...

If she can't get over the nervousness and relax after 30 minutes on a date, then there maybe no hope for her.

Ryan said...

Okay Mandy.

Note to self: bring 30 minute timer on date.