Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day

There was only one occassion where I ever received anything on Valentine's Day - it was 6th grade.

I had moved to what was now my 3rd school and having only been in school for 2 weeks (back then school started around the end of January after summer break) I didn't really know anyone... and I sure as hell didn't want to write a love letter to someone else's girl!

So what was a boy to do?

I know, I thought, I can write a secret love letter to myself!

So I did.

But I had great difficulty trying to figure out what to write...

"I love you Ryan."

"To my hunk of spunk."

"Forever yours."

"Kisses and hugs."

The lunch break bell sounded and everyone had to place their card into a box on their way out. I quickly settled with just:

From your secret admirer.

During lunch our teacher placed each Valentine card on the respective person's desk, and when we all came back from lunch when we sat down we were able to see how popular we were.

It wasn't until I sat down though that a sudden realisation swept over me as I stared at my blank desk: in the rush of trying to find something appropriate to write down in my card I forgot to write my own name on the front of the card... my plan was foiled.

"We also have someone who forgot to write a name on their card?" said the teacher flapping around my card.

I was stuck between a rock and hard place, I could either... collect my card and write someone's name down it and have them know who their secret admirer is, or... I could just play dead.

I played dead... it was safer.

"So nobody is going to own up to this?" said the teacher.

Nope. Not me.

The teacher then opened the card and read its contents. I just hoped that he didn't recognise my handwriting.

As everyone else was reading through their cards the teacher looked up and scanned the room, being the only one not engrossed in a card he saw me and began writing on my card.

Aw crap, he's recognised my handwriting.

I tried to shrivel up in my chair, but it was too late... he was walking towards me.

I quickly began thinking of something to say, but all my mind was throwing was blanks... maybe I could play dead... like, REAL dead...

"Ryan, I think I know who this was supposed to go to," said the teacher still flapping away at my card in his left hand.

"You do?" I said sheepishly.

"Yep," said the teacher, "being the new boy I think the person who wrote this forgot your name. This is to you."

He then handed my card back to me. I barely squeaked out a thank you and took a huge sigh of relief when he left.

Several of those nearby were all keen to know who it was, but I never let them see my card... lest they discover that it was my own handwriting!

But ever since then I've always wanted to know who that secret admirer was.


That has been the only Valentine's card I've ever received... one in which I had written it to myself! Have I sent out a Valentine's card to someone (and actually wrote their name on the card) - of course, but that's another blog post for another time.


mandy said... adorable are you! I would have sent you a valentine:)

danish said...

Awwww! That is so cute Ryan! XD Here's a valentine for you. I made it myself, can you tell? ;)


You're the best ever! <3

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dana =) XD

Ryan said...


Thanks ladies.


Victoria said...

awwww, what a cute story!!!!! : )