Wednesday, February 28, 2007

To Invite Or To Not Invite

Oh, one last thing...

My brother's wife who's having said party Sunday night (yeah Sunday night, you read correctly, we've got a public holiday on Monday - Labour Day... for women who are in labour... lol) where I was supposed to meet this mysterious married magical maiden maiden Joy has asked me to in return invite Karina as a replacement.

Hmm... I dunno.

I'll see how things pan out on Saturday. She might not even be able to do much after the triathalon anyway.

Hmm... more teasing ammo.


I can just imagine on Saturday saying to her, "I've got this party on Sunday night and I was going to ask if you wanted to come, but you're probably going to be too tired from the tri. Oh well, have fun."


If there's one thing I enjoy seeing with Karina it's when her jaw drops when I say things that most other blokes wouldn't.

Nope, I'm not falling for her hot athletic body, her beautiful smile and those gorgeous blue eyes. She might be able to wrap every other bloke around her finger, but not me.

But if she laughed... hmm, I could be hooked! Eeek!

We'll see.


danish said...

Labor day huh? Pas ici.

Isn't that interesting how Joy will not be coming but Miss Karina may be?

Hmmmmmmmm... ;)

Ryan said...

Yes, very interesting.

It would be even more interesting if I invited Karina and she came over, and Joy changed her mind and came over too!!