Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Married Woman?

Had lunch with the folks on Sunday and decided to pop the question about Joy. When you get set up with someone all of whom are a "perfect match" by the person setting you up you instinctively ask, "Okay, if this person is so perfect why are they single?"

I asked this question on Sunday and mum was a little uneasy on answering it. She tried to bumble a response, but it wasn't enough.

"I'm not being set up by an ax-murderer?" I joked.

"Well, considering she's not coming on Sunday and you may never meet her anyway I guess I could tell you," mum answered.

I didn't say a word and began continuing on with my lunch, awaiting how "broken" this chic was.

"She's married," mum said.

I nearly choked on the slice of tomato from it was I put in my mouth.

"I'm being set up with a MARRIED woman!" I blurted while I giving myself the Heimlich manoeuvre to remove the tomato lodged at the back of my throat.

"What??" mum couldn't quite understand amongst the coughing and dying what I had said.

After swallowing down the right hole, I gathered myself and didn't know whether to laugh or cry: laugh because I couldn't believe how low my brother's wife stoops at trying to find a partner for me, or cry because the tomato with basil was burning something chronic on its way down.

"I can't believe I'm being set up with a married woman," I hoarsely echoed like a Mafia godfather.

"She WAS married, I said, not she IS married," added mum.


Apparently Joy married at a young age (18-ish) to a bloke twice her age (40-ish). As far as I know the marriage didn't last long (everyone probably thought she was his daughter!), and she's been single ever since.

I'd still love to be able to meet her (purely because of her beautiful name), but, oh well, if it's not meant to be we move on... she may ruin the name for me anyway.



danish said...


Well, at least she's not married now.

Or could you imagine if you got with her and THEN you learned she was married?!


Ryan said...

I think my biggest fear with marrying someone who HAS been married before is that they've divorced once before, have survived, know they could do it again, and could very well do it again.

Now if you're marrying the party that was unduly dealt with (i.e. the other partner had an affair etc) then that's okay.

But exiting out of a marriage just because things weren't working out is pretty lame... all marriages have their ups and downs - and I know I don't like giving up easily. so it'd be a shame if my wife decided to walk out based on a couple of spats.