Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lunch With Special K

Karina has continued to stay in contact with me throughout the last couple of weeks (since our dinner), and while I've been extremely busy (no, seriously, I have) I was able to find a free Saturday this weekend where we could catch up again... if she was interested.

I play this "if she was interested" part because I knew that Karina would be participating in a triathalon this coming Sunday so when I spoke to her I told her that I finally had a free Saturday this Saturday, but as she had the triathalon the next day she probably needed to be in bed by... ooh... say... before lunch time!

"Oh well, maybe next time," I said.

(I'm evil aren't I?) >;op

But she wasn't going to let the opportunity slip and quickly added that while she didn't want a late night she was definitely available for at least a coffee.

"Well... if you're up for it meet us at the Barista cafe in Cottesloe at 1pm," I said.

"See you then," she replied.

It's a date... or a non-date date... or whatever it is they call it when you see someone who's a friend that could potentially be someone you could date but you're just not sure yet!?!?

Yeah... one of those.

It'll be interesting to see how we go this weekend - will she still be nervous? Will she laugh? Does she even have a laugh? Does she make me laugh??

Laughter is music to my soul, Karina... I want you to seranade me. :o)

I swear the missing spark hangs on just this little characteristic, but I don't want to tell her this - I want to see if it's natural.


danish said...

Ryan, I didn't want to be the one to tell you this, but... *sigh* it's... it's about Karina. She... she can't laugh. She was born with a laugh-a-fficiency that prevents her from laughing. Ever.

I'm so sorry.

... hehe ^_^

I'm sure she has a lovely laugh, and that you'll hear it for yourself soon! =)

Ryan said...

Hehehe Dana!

... Or maybe I'm really just not that funny!!!