Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well I'm glad pulling weeds and cleaning cobwebs allowed me to find a label for this strange empty feeling... disheartenment.

I feel disheartened because even though this woman satisfies my high standards she still seems yet so far away... as if she hadn't satisfied any of them!?

I think I'll take Jen and Likalia's advice and have a couple more coffees with her, but if after the next round I don't feel any different, and there's still no attraction, by the third round if there's *still* no difference I'm just going to have to let her know that we'll just be friends.

Hopefully by that time I would've nailed down a reason for why it wont work.

I'm also glad that I'm going to be busy over the next 3 weeks so I guess this break will allow me to freshen up before giving her another try.

(Oh, and BTW, I don't think Joy is coming to my brother's house warming party either... I knew this several days before last night's date so I'm not feeling this way towards Karina in trying to convince you that I'm not playing both sides. I guess it would've been nice to meet her though, but oh well... we move on.)


danish said...

Disheartenment, eh? I'm sorry Ryan. I was excited for you! (I still am, mind you, but I'm disheartened for you too.)

Isn't it weird how someone can apparently satisfy every need but somehow... doesn't? I remember screaming in my head, "He's wonderful. He's everything I've ever wanted. I've never clicked so well with someone. So why isn't this working?!"

I think you'll find your answer soon, either way. And honestly? This could go away. This emptiness feeling could be anything, really. I would definitely do as recommended by Jen and Likalia and feel her out more. Until then, no worries, right? =)

That's a bummer about not being able to meet Joy. On a positive note though, this de-complicates your female situation--at least for now. ;)

Ryan said...

The emptiness, or oddness, or whatever it is, is starting to go. My parents were curious on how the evening went and it was good getting some fresh insights about it from their perspective.

As they eloquently put it: if there's no chemistry don't force it.

The friend who set us up is hoping to catch up with me later this week so I guess he'll want to keep things rolling if he's talked to Karina and she's interested in keeping it rolling too.

Karina will likely be a good friend, but at this stage it's all she'll become.