Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Big Brown Owl's Blessing

My cousin's wedding went really well on the weekend.

I'm so used to the traditional church-type weddings that it felt kinda weird with a celebrant setting proceedings. Unfortunately she tried a few funny cracks but her humour was a little weird (and not to mention even funny?!)... although everyone laughed when she told the couple to read their vows before even pronouncing them husband and wife (now that was funny... and I don't think she even meant it!!).

After the exchange of rings the ceremony finally was given the blessing of the big brown owl. Someone recited something about the moon and the sun and the big brown owl blessing the new union and upon that we were all able to heave a big sigh of relief. PHEW - that was a close one! For a minute there I wasn't quite sure whether we were at a wedding or a Tupperware party! But thanks to the big brown owl everything is okay.

I couldn't even think of nothing better than having a big mooning brown-eyed owl tanning in the sun giving my wife and I his hooted blessings.

Thankfully there were no other awkward moments during the remainder of the evening and I have to say the food was just awesome!!

My only gripe was the two ladies who sat next to me - they continually got up and went up for a cigarette every 5 minutes, but then again... maybe I have that effect on women. Hoot hoot?



danish said...


Is the Big Brown Owl an Australian thing, or a thing particular to the couple? Maybe it's just a new kind of wedding. Or perhaps I've lived a more sheltered life than previously thought...? @_@

I'm glad you had fun, and congrats to the newlyweds!!! =)

Sat next to heavy smokers, eh? Quite a costly and detrimental habit that is, hm. Smells icky too. -_-;

mandy said...

who gets up during a wedding ceremony to smoke? what awful manners! Glad you had a good time and hope you avoided the dreadful still single questions.

Ryan said...

I don't know Dana... I thought the big brown owl was Apache or something??

Mandy... sorry the smokers that sat next me did so during the reception, not the ceremony. But they were still rude - they stunk!