Friday, January 05, 2007

Special K

Karina, aka Special K, was the first person we bumped into when we arrived in Albany.

(Unless you want to count those nameless locusts that were splayed across my windshield... then she would've been the millionth and one thing we bumped into!)

Karina spent two nights down in Albany with us and we had some good times playing an assortment of board games late into the night, as well as eating out around town, and going on walkabouts.

When she left on Sunday I was still a little mixed about her.

I mean, she has some of the main qualities I seek in a woman: Christian, pro-active, nice smile. She also has these big broken beautiful blue eyes, which brings quite an eclectic look against her dark brown hair.

And yes, I mentioned "broken" deliberately as without her contacts or glasses everything's pretty much a blur. And she can't receive laser surgery due to her pupil's being too dilated.

So, to me, they're broken. ;o)

Although, I do remember reading somewhere that if a girl is attracted to you her pupils will dilate when she looks at you. Does that mean I'll see her as being more attractive than I might otherwise think her to be?

Hmm, might have to be careful with those big broken blue eyes of hers.

And then there was the boyfriend on the other side of the planet thing (ok, I exaggerate - on the other side of Australia). I was as confused as the first man who discovered dynamite about this.

Okay, I'm going to go slow here, so please bear with me, as I'm sure it will make much more sense if I go through it this way...

When we initially met at the pre-daylight saving party Karina said she was with someone. Ok - cool.


When she stayed in Albany with us for all I knew she was still with her man, but there were times when she was flirtatious - it was just difficult to ascertain this because she had a few glasses of wine (which ticks me off about alcohol - was it her, or the alcohol?).

It wasn't until she left that when I spoke to the rest about her that I was able to gather further intel.

Apparently after the first night, that morning Karina and my sister had an interesting discussion about the similarities they had with their boyfriends from Brisbane. It was really quite uncanny - and as you know my sister's relationship didn't go down too well.

This, I think, was what made Karina think a little more deeply about her relationship.

The second piece of intel was a conversation I had with my mate Jon-Jon about her. Besides being a sounding board one interesting tit-bit that he mentioned was a quote she gave him. According to Jon-Jon she said, "It's sad to admit that I'm having more fun with Ryan than my own boyfriend."

Karina, I think anything would be better than a long-distance relationship, as it's hard work!

I know, I've done it once too.

Then the last piece of intel was from Ally several days after Karina had left. She explained to me that Karina had contacted her man and told him that they were only going to be friends. What makes it a little more strange though is that during their relationship together he began to make arrangements to come over to Perth to live - to be obviously closer to her. Now even though the relationship "seems" over he is apparently still coming over.

Okay, how are we going? All clear?

Okay, so in my mind she's made herself available, and honestly I didn't do a thing but be myself. In fact my sister was proud at how unresponsive I was during her flirtatious flaunts - yep, I was as cold as a penguin on ice with her signals. She didn't receive no volleys back from me.

(And ladies if you think pick-up lines from blokes are annoying please spare a thought for blokes who receive similar treatment via females who lay it on thick with their flirting. Karina was quite mild, but some women are down right suffocating.)

But all that aside what's now my second impression about her?

Well she's definitely outgoing and loves doing outdoorsy stuff. I really admire that in a woman. Don't get me wrong I'm all for taking it easy and enjoying a night-in, but I really enjoy exploring and doing stuff together.

However, this outgoing nature comes attached with a strong independent woman who is a little too intense. I'll freely admit that she was definitely less intense than when we initially met, but it still needs to come down a notch or two.

Further to the discussion I had with my mate Jon-Jon that day on the golf course when I talked about her I said, "She's a little too intense for me, dude."

He answered, "Ally [his wife] was the same before I married her. I eventually calmed her down."

And I think this is at the heart of the issue: Karina would be someone I'd grow to love and during that process we'd probably adjust to each other's liking.

But I think no other woman would be any different. Growing to love someone shows maturity. The only problem being time, and impatience. In my adolescent years I'd fall in "love" with any chic my eyes would bulge from their sockets for. But having dated some attractive types (as well as witnessed amongst friends who've done similar) you begin to see how fickle falling in love by just what you see really is.

Beauty doesn't last - and even when it does it needs a lot of help to maintain.

But don't get me completely wrong here: while I'm putting down being physically attracted to the other person I'm not totally kicking it out the door. We all know that there had to be SOME physical attraction - I personally just don't place as much weight on it anymore.

And I know this sounds all cliche and stuff, but you really do want to find out what's inside. With the ultimate inner attraction, for me, being a chic that can make me laugh, because when all is said and done, what is life if you can't look back and have a good laugh at yourself.

Unfortunately Karina hasn't made me laugh yet.

Much more to discover yet.


danish said...

Aw, man! What a tough situation. Not only is it hard to read her, but there could be a few problematic issues, huh? I kinda worry about that guy on the other side of your continent. 'cause say you guys get together now, right? He could come to live in your city and screw everything up for you guys later.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "intense", but you're right about the 'growing to love' thing.

Anyways, I'm just kind of rambling. But be careful out there Ryan! Girls with big broken blue eyes can be dangerous ;)

Ryan said...

From my point of view I probably wouldn't enter into anything serious with her until he has arrived over here (provided he's coming over within the next couple of months).

By waiting for him to arrive it would allow me to know whether she still has feelings for him, and if she does then that's fine by me. At least there'll be no feelings hurt because we wouldn't have been together before he came over.

The "intense" nature is a difficult one for me to try and convey through words. I've even had difficulty with friends trying to explain what I mean.

I'll try explain it better again...

You know how when you're stressed you're movements are quick and sharp. You have a slightly quicker step, and when you speak your words are fast and forceful - even when someone tries to tell you something your mind is a million miles away on something else, so you tend to cut the person short, or forcefully try to nod and smile.

Ok, how are we going? Kinda got a mental picture of someone who's like that?

Okay, now if you take that stressed persona you'll have a rough idea of what Karina is like. She doesn't come across as stressed (i.e. she doesn't make quick jerky movements), but her mode of conversation can give other people the impression that she is opinionated, impatient, insensitive and rude.

When she gives you her opinion her tone of voice is strong and can come across as though she is forcing her opinion, when she's probably just simply voicing it. And somtimes she'll interrupt and give her opinion while you're talking - which I consider very rude, but hey I once did it - I just had to train myself to be polite by waiting and listening first.

I know I'm not giving the best description of her, but this is how I can best describe her nature, but there are probably many factors as to why she is like that. Several reasons I can think of are: she used to work as a physio for a men's football team (I suppose being the only chic helped her become more masculine so that they would take her more seriously), and she's travelled alone - more than just a couple of times - so she's very independent.

The biggest fear I have of her isn't that she'd intimidate me, rather her nature would rub me the wrong way and if it continued to rub me the wrong way there would probably be an instance where I'd explode, which has only been on display once in my lifetime with my sister being at the receiving end of it many many years ago (fearing for her life after when it happened mind you - and don't get me wrong here it wasn't physical abuse - I'll never stoop that low... EVER). But, again, it's something I didn't enjoy doing and I hope I'll never have to resort to again.

Anyway, now I'm rambling Dana (maybe rambling is contagious!)... although it's good to articulate those thoughts and get them out.

So for now I'm in no hurry. As mentioned in the post she'd have to grow on me and in the time that it would take for her to grow on me I'd like to think that her man would've come over from Brisbane and we'd all know what's going on.

Mind you though, she's not the only one on radar... there could be someone else in the wings!

(More on that maybe later.)