Tuesday, January 09, 2007


During the summer months I usually go to bed half naked (and yes, it's the top half that's naked).

Last night was no different.

What surprised me though was that when I awoke this morning I had a top on!


I have no recollection of ever getting up and putting a top on last night, yet there I was with one on!?

It reminded me of the time I slept-walked when I was a kid. I was the strangest experience I had ever had, because while I was somewhat cognitive of the surroundings, my brain was hardwired to do something - something that was really weird.

My experience had me wake up one morning and I had to check for something that was on the top of our dryer in the laundry. Now my parents had their dryer hanging from the wall at about head height, so there was a small space between the top of the dryer and the ceiling... and for some odd reason I had to inspect this space out.

Flicking on the laundry's lights I squinted at the bright light and tried to find something to stand on so that I could see what was up there.

I just had to see whatever was up there. (I had no clue as to why)

Dangerously I grabbed my office chair (which had wheels on the bottom and wasn't sturdy) and placed it under the dryer while I put one leg on the chair ready to see what was up there.

Steading myself I was able to stand on the chair and when I peered over the top of the dryer all I saw was... dust.

It was then that I awoke, it was as if a thought bubble had popped inside my head: what are you doing?

I have no idea.

I looked around at the situation and looked down to notice that I was standing on my wheelie office chair.


Cautiously I got off and wondered just what the heck I was doing up there. I quietly switched off the light and jumped back into bed. The next morning I was able to recollect the experience and shook my head at just how stupid I was.

Several years later someone else was recollecting a sleepwalking experience they had, and during our conversation they mentioned that you should never waken someone who is sleepwalking. I wondered why, but after the experience I had, I would probably agree with that statement - because for some reason (that I'll probably never fully be able to comprehend) I just HAD to look on what was on top of the dryer. If someone had prevented me from doing that I don't know what I would've done: would I have hurt them because they were preventing me from accomplishing my task? Or would I have woken up?

I don't know, but I do know it was the strangest thing I had ever experienced: one minute you're sound asleep having beautiful dreams, next minute your mind is locked into doing something and all logic is thrown out the window until it's accomplished!

Maybe this is what it feels like to be hypnotised, although a hypnotised friend said she couldn't remember a thing when she was under hypnosis.

Anyway, I've obviously moved from cloud 9, to the dressing rooms, or maybe I have a mysterious wife that only comes out when I'm sleeping, or maybe I was abducted aliens!


danish said...


omg Ryan. There are so, so many possibilities to consider here.

First off, I would have to recommend that you check your place for things that aren't yours. Like famous works of art, huge piles of money, etc. There's a possibility that, while sleeping, you quickly put your shirt on to rob a museum or a bank. Or maybe you were an accomplice, at the very least.

Perhaps you DO have a secret wife. You could have had a Vegas wedding one night while you were drunk or otherwise incapacitated, thus not remembering it. The wife, so saddened by you not remembering your marriage to her, has vowed to hide from you until you remember her. This "sleepdressing" might not have been your doing at all--perhaps she saw you shivering in your sleep, and was so concerned, she was compelled to put a shirt on you. Awww.

As far as aliens go? Eh... I think not. They usually leave their victims with horrible trauma, scars, and the need to go on national television and tell their stories. Have you had any of these symptoms?

All in all, Ryan, these are *cough* very serious possibilities that you should consider. Best of luck to you, sir!

Ryan said...

Maybe I'm really married to Kate Beckinsale!!

Hmm... I don't think I'd ever go to sleep if that we true!