Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Summer Kryptonite Fruit

Oh, I looooove apricots.


Maybe that's why i looove summer sooo much with apricots being a summer fruit and all.

The apricots this season are supercalafragilisticexbealodociously perfect - they literally *pop* when you bite into them.

I'm going weak at the knees and drooling all over the keyboard just posting about them.


danish said...

I've never had an apricot.

Not that I have anything against them, or anything. Just never got around to trying one, I guess. Peaches are tasty though... I wonder if they're anything like that?

Anonymous said...

I'm drooling too now, especially since it's winter here.

Literally drooling : )

Ryan said...

Danish - they're actually *really* disgusting, don't try any AT ALL.

*chomp* *gulp*

V - I think I'm drooling, but that could just be the supple apricot juice that's pouring out of my mouth from all the apricots I've stuffed it with!