Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hot Thai

Went out with friends to a new Thai restuarant that is owned by my someone my friends know.

As I scanned the menu an interesting item grabbed me in the favourites section so I ordered it: Chicken & Paw-Paw Salad. I used to love eating dried paw-paw when I was a kid and haven't had it in ages.

However, after taking my first large bite into my meal my tastbuds nearly shot through the roof of my head... IT WAS SUPER SPICY!!!


That meal burned, and I was glad we had some gelato icecream to douse my flames after our meal.

But the weirdest thing about the ordeal is that I still have a strange after-taste in my mouth!? I've tried a whole variety of foods to try and get rid of the taste, but nothing seems to work.

Maybe my tastebuds are dead... and this is what they taste like?!


danish said...

What the heck is Paw-Paw?

Maybe it's something that only Thai restaurants have? it animal paws? o_o *gasp*

Hmmm...aftertaste killer... I'm thinking soda, or cotton candy. Or something really strong, like onions or garlic. Good luck!

FJ said...

A paw-paw is like an avocado, fuit type thing isn't it, Ryan? ;o)
(I'm no help, sorry Dana, because I really don't know either!)

Aftertaste killer = milk.

I like alot of curry powder in some things, such as curried eggs and curried sausages, but occasionally I o'd on it and need milk to soften the blow. LOL

Ryan said...

Pawpaw is a fruit. And yes, FJ, it's shaped like an avocado, but instead of having one large pip it has a heap of little ones.

Here's a picture of some here for you Dana.

danish said...

Ohhhh! Thanks guys! I feel so... enlightened. ^_^