Sunday, January 28, 2007

Australia Day Long Weekend.

I wish for this post that I had some photos to show you guys, but alas I didn't take my camera with me to camp so I'll have to steal some photos to help illustrate a point. And to help keep eveything together I'm going to employ Dana's technique by using points to make an entire post...

  • Perth has been sooooooo friggin hot over the last couple of days - the daily high temperatures have been around 42C (107F).

  • This hasn't made for good camping weather... especially at camps that have no aircon and you need to sleep on the floor to keep cool(ish).

  • However, the heat was forgotten during the spectacular heavenly display we got from Woodman Point. Not only did we see the fireworks from Perth and Fremantle, but we had an AWESOME view of the lightning storm that came across Perth from the ocean. Here's one classic pic someone took of the occassion from the hills...

    One such newspaper even wrote the headline...
    Nature Steals Skyshow's Thunder

  • Apparently the fireworks display in Perth was cut short due to one of the barges catching on fire! Yes, believe me it really was that hot in Perth that night, but I suppose no other fireworks display in Australia could boast such a finale! ;op

  • I never knew the camp had water beds until I awoke in a lather of sweat on the Friday night... I barely slept a wink. I don't mind the heat, just so long as I can sleep. When it gets too hot to sleep I can't stand the heat.

  • We still have the lightning storm cracking above our heads tonight... in fact, after ordering Japanese takeaway tonight a friend and I were only meters of being struck by lightning!!! Thankfully we were in the car, but we were that close that we felt the sand and stones that the lightning had struck flick the car's windshield and even the violent vibrations!! As I sat my eyes were wide open and I said...

    "Dude that was awesome!!... Did you see that?... Man, did you see how the lightning bolt disintegrated into little pieces once it hit the ground?"


    So there I was enjoying myself on what I had just witnessed (and had no doubt come to within inches of my life), while my friend was crapping his pants rocking back and forth in the foetal position sucking his thumb!

  • Lastly, if there's one thing I love about Australia Day - it's chics wearing the Australian Flag Bikini. >;o) *faints*


FJ said...

Aaah yes, lightning.

So beautiful yet so deadly.

My Dad and a friend of his were driving home from somewhere via the back roads and actually had a lightning bolt fork on either side of their car.

Dad actually had to stop driving for a few minutes because it blinded him, it was that close.

danish said...

Aren't points lovely? I'm quite fond of them. Makes everything easier (and makes a scatterbrained person's thoughts look better).

That's really cool though. I don't think I've ever heard of lightning during fireworks, but I bet it looked awesome. I'm glad you weren't hit though! That almost-getting-hit-by-
lightning story would be a good story to tell your grandkids someday. Don't forget it! =)