Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Australia Day Camp

This Friday is Australia Day - a day where Aussies celebrate... being... Aussies!?

This year though I wont be celebrating Australia Day watching the fireworks on my lonesome, but rather enjoying some good company at a combined church camp down at Woodman Point.

The Woodman Point area was where I used to do my beach jogging every day - it was great. So I know this area like the back of me hand!

Anyhoo, I hope we all have an enjoyable time down there. And to all Aussies during the long weekend - have a great safe holiday!


danish said...

Hooray for Australia Day!

I actually went to Wikipedia to look it up 'cause I like learning about that kinda stuff =) Maybe 'cause I'm a big dork, I dunno. Anyways. But your fireworks shows look awesome! 'specially on the water.

Whatever you end up doing, have fun Ryan!

Ryan said...

Yeah, Australia Day is notorious for its hot weather and its fireworks.

Although, this year I think we're getting a little too carried away with it as nearly every council in Perth has organised their own firworks display!?