Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Art What??

My last correspondence with the chic from high school went a little like this:

HER EMAIL: I'm studying psychology in hope of becoming an art therapist.

MY REPLY: An art therapist, eh? Is that someone who helps you get over really bad art? There's plenty of it around these days... especially in public places - I'm sure you'll never be out of work!

Obviously my attempt at humour didn't go down too well as I haven't heard from her since.

Then again I think anyone involved in art is super-sensitive and should steer clear of me.

Oh well.


danish said...

Wow Ryan, that's amazing. ^_^

I did the same thing (except I met a music therapist). He was not too happy with me, but I was able to save myself somehow. It was still kinda funny though.

Artsy people are really touchy, aren't they? Though, in their defense, I'm sure they get silly people like us saying those things every day. Must drive 'em a little crazy. @_@

Ryan said...

She actually ended up replying last night, but she's still a little weird. I think people studying psychology have to be!