Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pre Day-Light Saving Party

Yesterday I received a text message from my mate Jon-Jon's wife about a small party they were having that night...

"and I'd really love for you to come."

...she ended in the text message.

Weird to word it like that, I thought.

I didn't think too much about it, and sure enough when I arrived I was introduced to Karina.

Ah, I've been set up!

So what were my impressions?

Have we found a winner yet?

Well, unfortunately... no - she's already seeing (if you can call a long distance relationship "seeing") someone else and I'm not the type of bloke that interposes (as I know I wouldn't like it if it were done to me and my woman).

How would she have gone if she were single?

Good question. Physically she was attractive - she has beautiful crystal blue eyes, and a nice smile. She's a physio and enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle by running, swimming and cycling (the trifecta!).

Personality-wise she's a very strong willed person. She has travelled a large part of the world with some parts on her lonesome. I think women with a personality like that can intimidate some blokes and until they can display a "softness" in their personality will likely remain single unless they fall in love with someone who has an even stronger will, or is extremely long-suffering/patient. But if such a woman doesn't respect her partner it doesn't matter if the bloke has either of those qualities she'll walk all over him.

That's just my experience... and I've had a lot of it throughout my years - I consider my sister to have such a quality.

Anyway, another thing I found out last night was that Karina was good friends with a previous date I had many moons ago (for those that have been here awhile it was the one that stalked me for 5-odd years after we broke up!).

"Oh... you're *that* Ryan," she said surprisingly when she found out that I had dated her friend.


She pondered it silently and I just kept quiet.

So, yes, some of Karina's mannerisms had reminded me of her and I suppose with Karina being friends with her throughout the years she's no doubt rubbed off on her a little.

Karina left early (another party) and as she left Jon-Jon and his wife tried to push her to come to Albany for our Christmas-New Year's holiday in a couple of weeks. She said she would, but she said she'd only be able to be there maybe a day or two if she did come.

So, yeah, that was Karina - if she were single, softer, and had slightly longer hair she'd probably be close to perfect.

However, gauging what a person's like in one night is terribly difficult, but first impressions do count... a lot.

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