Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Minority Report

I have a plan.

Before the next election I'm going to set up a political party. I don't know what my party would be about, probably nothing, but provided I get one or two votes I'd be assured of becoming the next prime minister of Australia!

I can picture it now.

Think I'm crazy?

Well, apparently not. It seems minority groups run this country nowadays.


Last week I read an article in our local newspaper about how schools are no longer doing nativity plays because it MAY offend one or two people who don't want to celebrate Christ's birth. Therefore, in the interests of the one or two people who MAY be offended the public schools have scratched nativity plays.

Of course the minority could have withdrawn their children from this extra-curricular activity, which no one would have objected to, but unfortunately everyone now gets to go without.

So, if the majority have to do what the minority want then I'm strongly thinking about setting up a small political party to run this country! Of course we'd have to cap the number of members at a minority number whatever that figure is (although I suppose you couldn't have any more than 49.9%).

Not only is this strange thing happening in schools, but I've heard some stores (such as GAP) also no longer use the term "Christmas" anywhere in the store... it's just replaced with Holidays. So instead of Happy Christmas we get Happy Holidays. And again this action is done because it's in the best interests of the minority's feelings - we don't want to offend that small minority group who should've known better about coming to Australia because that's just what we do.

In fact I'm tempted to go into a GAP store and ask several questions...

1. What are the holidays we are celebrating about? (Every other public holiday we have is for a reason, so what is this one?)


2. What is the current year? (2006 represents the year since Christ's birth. So if you're not willing to recognise Christ in any way shape or form, especially his birth, then what year is it?)


danish said...

Good plan Ryan! I support you.

Yanno, I might be more sympathetic to those minority types if the things they were so offended by were actually, you know, offensive. See, the nativity play is a lovely thing, Christian or no. An offensive play would be like, a re-enactment of Hitler's slaughtering techniques or something. Right?

This has been a huge battle here in the States forever. -_-; Hmph.

And for the record--I dunno about Australia--but back when I was in high school working for those retail stores we were hardcore forbidden to wish anyone good tidings for a specific holiday. It was really bad. And if someone said it to you, it was inappropriate for you to wish them the same.


Ryan said...

Hey there Dana!

What would make Hitler's slaughter offensive to some (well at least us two), whereas yet be unoffensive to others?

Are all views equal?

If so, then no one is wrong, right?

Well... if that's true, then who's right when two opposing views collide? One says murder is wrong, the other says murder is right.

Who's right? They both can't be right.

Is the view that has the strongest proponents therefore the right view (i.e. does might make right)?

Once upon a time slaughtering Christians was considered "right" by the majority (back in Nero's time).

Or is there a universal "right" view that exists regardless of how many people agree with it? Where do we find this view?

And most importantly how do we know this universal right view is "right"?

Well, I don't know about you, but if there's a universal right view then this right view would...
1. Be known since the dawn of mankind (as why should earlier generations miss out?);
2. Be natural (if murder were right then if everyone was allowed to murder we'd only be left with one person on this planet - and when that person dies... we're an extinct species - therefore murdering wouldn't be right because it isn't natural to our existence. What would happen if everyone were homosexual?); and
3. Detail consequences of what would happen if right views were broken (and these consequences would indeed happen).

There are probably others, but my brain is starting to hurt.


So I wonder where you could find such universal right views?

Did I hear someone say the bible?