Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gift Wrapped?

On Sunday night I went to dinner with a group of friends in South Perth (at Mends Street Cafe) and when we had finished eating we pulled out onto Mill Point Road and came across this scene...

What an idiot!

Obviously Santa gave my Ferrari last year to the wrong person!

The email that came with the photos went as follows...

If your $300K Ferrari doesn't get you enough attention from the opposite sex what do you do?

Line up a traffic light in front of the busiest beer garden in South Perth!

These pics were taken yesterday at about 8pm. Apparently the driver had a heavy session at the Windsor then took off from the BP petrol station [ME: that's where we saw his car when we drove into South Perth], losing control and sliding straight into the traffic light.

Police were promptly on the scene, where the driver was breathalysed and subsequently arrested.

DUI means his insurance would be null and void.

What's that saying??

Pride comes before a... traffic light???


Anonymous said...

That's not Ben Cousins is it? ;o)


danish said...

Oh, wow. That's just... painful.

Such a pretty, pretty car, too. I hope no one else (besides the car) was injured or anything.

You know Ryan, maybe if the police impound that car you could get it for a super cheap price and fix it up! Your dream could come true!

Really! It could work!