Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Beach Blisters

Every time I've run along the beach I've always worn shoes as the sand can get quite hot and you don't want to accidentally cut yourself on anything sharp (especially a syringe! Eeek!).

However, I've felt a little weird on my Mullaloo beach runs as I've noticed that everyone else runs without shoes on.

You look like a tourist! Be a man and run naked, yelled the coach.

Well I suppose the sun now does rise an hour later, so the sand isn't so hot anymore.

So this week I decided to run naked... well, half naked... I wore no shoes.

Unfortunately though running on sand didn't prove to be too beneficial for my feet - I didn't realise running on sand would cause so many blisters!

And, being the crazy beaching bloke I am, this morning, even though I had blisters from my previous run this week, I decided to run again.

Come on! Toughen up.

So now I've got blisters on my blisters!!

Add to that the fact that one popped and I went into the water...


It's at moments like these I wish I had a wheelchair.

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