Friday, December 15, 2006


Today was a very difficult day... I spent it on a 40ft yacht at Rottnest Island snorkeling around Rotto's reefs and lounging around on the yacht's bow trying to get a sun tan.

It was great.

I even applied copious amounts of sunscreen to ensure I wouldn't get sunburnt, but I don't think I was too successful.

Hmm, the sunscreen directions say that I have to reapply every 3 hours... does that mean if I apply it on twice, right now, I have to only reapply it every 6 hours?

Well that didn't work.

But the funniest part of the afternoon came when we were to set sail for home. As Kylie and Florence made their way to the bow where all the men were peacefully enjoying some sun they decided to bring up the anchor by winding the anchor's winch and grabbing the anchor's heavy chain.

Or so they thought.

As they struggled away trying to move the thing all the boys egged them on to keep trying harder and harder.

After several grunts and groans they eventually gave up... amidst chuckles from the boys.

"How do you get the anchor up?" asked Kylie frustrated that after all her efforts the thing just wouldn't budge.

"It's motorised," replied Aaron maybe a little too bluntly.

The boys erupted into laughter.

"Well thanks for telling us," left the girls in disgust rubbing their sore hands.

Hehehe [evil laugh]

But then something odd happened... the motorised anchor wouldn't work! In fact the exact opposite happened - it let out more chain!!


We tried some adjusting on the motorised winch, but it still didn't work - the chain just wouldn't catch... and every attempt let out more and more chain.

In the end us three boys had to winch the anchor in by hand!

... all to the choral chuckling of the 6 girls at the back of the yacht.


(And gee there was a lot of chain.)

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