Monday, November 27, 2006

R. N. B.

I didn't realise how much I missed the beach when I woke up early Saturday morning and pushed myself to do the ol' beach run and surf.

There have been a few days in November that have breached my "beach weather" limit of 30 degrees, but I've either been in frosty frickin Melbourne or been too busy!


But last Saturday was finally an exception and I pulled myself out of bed and went to a beach I had only been once to previously.

Boy was I ever glad I went.

I can't believe how much I missed the waves, the water and the... women!

Not to mention the burning pain in the calves and thigh muscles, and then the soothing cool sensation of diving into the crystal water whilst entertaining myself catching a wave or two.

Life doesn't get any better than this.

When you start your day with something like that it's extremely difficult to have a bad day.

I just wish I could enjoy the sunshine without its harmful UV rays as as time flies when you're having fun and some idiots just forget to apply sunscreen.

No immediate names come to mind, of course? ;o)

So what's with the title?

Oddly enough, Perth's summer pattern goes a little like this: we have a small heat wave in November which cools down early December all the way to about Christmas where it then really heats up for January and February. Last year our cool December period went a little longer than expected, which proved to be quite painful because going to the beach just wasn't worth it - it was just too damn cold.

So, even though it's not officially summer YET, beaching in November is nothing unusual, and this activity is known by its popular term RNB - Ryan's November Beaching :o)

Hopefully this year summer will be better than last as the surf at Mullaloo beach (the closest beach to where I live) is much better than Leighton and Coogee (previous beaches I lived near).

Can't wait until we have out next bout of hot weather.

(I've heard of rain dances before, but does anyone know the drill for hot-beach-weather dances??)

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