Friday, November 10, 2006

Hope Restored

I had a a fantastic time on Tuesday night at Dan & Melissa's place.

For the last couple of months (especially after attending a few weddings) I strongly considered the fact that I was more than likely going to die single because of the difficulty I had in finding someone compatible.

I mean, to be honest, it had been extremely difficult finding a single woman that...
  • Is a committed Christian (she doesn't just give Christianity lip service, but lives it)

  • Has a beautiful smile, gorgeous laugh and good sense of humour (a woman that has neither of these REALLY scares me half to death!)

  • Is proactive (likes doing stuff, such as walking, cycling, beaching... etc etc)

If a woman possesses those three qualities then we're more than 90% of the way there, but if she lacks any of those three it's like the Trinity... it'll be a difficult relationship (if she's not a Christian my spirit is saddened, if she doesn't laugh my soul is tormented, and if she doesn't enjoy doing stuff my body is weakened).

But all that changed Tuesday night... hope in the female species was retored!

The three other chics that were invited for dinner all had those three qualities, and what's more two of them were single!

We all hit it off pretty much straight away, but unfortunately, as I soon found out, these women hadn't caught up with Dan & Melissa for quite some time (one of them had just got off a plane from the UK!) and the majority of the evening was spent playing "catch up".

But hey, that's okay.

I was still able to join in on their conversation... it was just difficult trying to speak the single ladies individually throughout the night.

But I really had a good time (have I mentioned that?). And you never know, maybe something will eventuate in the future, or maybe it wont.

In any case, at the least, my hope in finding a partner is restored and I don't need to compromise on my ever-so-highly-set standards.

1 comment:

Victoria said...

no compromise! wheeeeeeeeee!
(me being able to spell would be nice though)

can't wait to hear more! I'll cross my fingers for you : )