Sunday, November 05, 2006

Co Inki Dink?

SETTING: Early Sunday morning... after church service. Thunder strikes above (no really there was thunder).

RYAN: G'day Dan.
DAN: Hey, how are ya man? (handshakes)

* forward a bit...*

D: Hey are you interested in coming over Tuesday night?

R: (thinks) Yeah, should be fine.

(Ryan pauses, making sure there really is nothing is on that night and wishes he had a woman because they're always great at remembering anniversaries, birthdays and all that other small stuff)

R: Just text me so I don't forget.
D: No worries.

RYAN leaves church and goes home. An hour or so later his mobile beeps with a text message. It's from DAN, and reads...

Dont 4get Tuesday nite! Of coarse that is if you dont mind having four other women there as well. I need some back up.

RYAN replies...

Hey Dan. Na havin 4 other women wont bother me - thats why God gave me 4 limbs.


Or am I just being set up again?

(Dan's married BTW)

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