Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Age Gap

Women are a little different than men when it comes the age difference.

For me personally I'm probably not likely to date any more than a year or two older than me (unless Livinia Nixon makes her available then this rule can be broken), but I've noticed that women on the other hand are willing to date guys twice their age!

Which I find odd, but then again, I *am* a bloke and anything women do I consider "odd"!

But why is that I wonder?

Are women who search for men two to three times their age search for a man that age because he is likely to be...
> experienced?
> mature?
> wealthy?
> all the above??

I don't know. I can't answer that... I'm not a woman, and I'm not looking for a 60 year old man!


Anonymous said...

You know as a woman, I find this kind of thing odd. I have a friend who is 26 and dating a 44 year old. Not a huge gap, but just in terms of experience, you are coming from two completely different generations. Apart from some basic common interests what is the attraction?

Ok now money! Maybe. Otherwise, who knows - watch I will go out and fall for some OLDER man now that I've said this. :)

(btw - stumbled over from Advice from a Single Girl. Great site.)

mandy said...

I have always dated older men although anything over 8 years is a little strange. It is a combination of all of the above. MOST of them have been more mature, goal oriented, and yes, financially well set. The rest of them it was a different story!

Ryan said...

Likalia - I have a male friend who married a woman 15 years his senior who already had a daughter, who also already had a child!

He was an instant grandfather!!

Mandy - yeah 8 years is not a bad difference, but at my age a 21 year old woman, I personally consider to be too young. I think women around the age of 24-25 begin to hit their maturity (blokes would be around the age of 27-28).

So my optimal age difference is 5 years.

And I probably wouldn't date any woman older than me... definitely not 15 years.

danish said...


Perhaps I can help? Granted, I haven't married a man three times my age (or married anyone at all, actually). But I do have experience with this.

Here are some perks:

1. Maturity.
2. Brilliance (as in having many degrees).
3. Experience. (as in no games. Though experience works against those involved as well)
4. Security. (not just financially. The older types don't just want to use you and get rid of you)

Those are general perks. Of course there are more or less, depending on the person.

Honestly... it's a tough call. If you marry someone considerably older than you, then you can't really have kids. I mean, you physically can, but it's more complicated than that. Plus there's the case of death. It would sure suck to be a widow at 50.

But really? There are those that say age is just a number. And sure, that can be true. But in the end, you have to remember that there are emotions, marriage, children, death, and all that complicated stuff involved. It's better to stay away from it for the long term, but if it's absolutely irresistable, then make it a good experience.